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Zscaler + Silver Peak

Secure SD-WAN without compromise

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Together, Zscaler and Silver Peak deliver secure SD-WAN that enables cloud security services to be configured in minutes, so you can deploy quickly and achieve optimal application performance with a solution that automatically adapts to changing business requirements.

For IT, that means lower costs and simplified operations. And for users, it means fast, secure, and uninterrupted access to business-critical applications.

Zscaler and Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect
Enabling a secure enterprise SD-WAN

Highest quality
of experience

Zscaler and Silver Peak provide fast, secure, and uninterrupted access to business-critical applications for users—while making changes easier and enabling your IT teams to be more responsive to business needs.


Don’t let infrastructure limitations limit you. With Zscaler and Silver Peak SD-WAN, you can create policies based on business needs, while streamlining branch architecture and reducing MPLS and security appliance costs—ultimately enabling you to realize greater business agility and simplified IT.

Automated connectivity
and always-on security

Automation enables the infrastructure to adapt as business conditions change. Centrally define security requirements once and deliver identical security to all users at every location. Plus, you can secure new sites with true, "no-touch" setup, and ensure continuous enforcement with seamless HA.

True “no-touch” setup for rapid provisioning

See how true, ”no-touch” setup makes it easy to add, provision, and secure new branches in minutes with the Zscaler and Silver Peak secure SD-WAN solution. Centralized orchestration enables the enterprise to streamline branch architecture and simplify IT—while providing identical protection for all users, wherever they connect.

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“Silver Peak together with Zscaler has made our cloud transformation faster, more secure, and easier than we could’ve imagined.”

- Dan Morgan, IT Operations Director

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David Hughes, Founder and
CEO, Silver Peak

Enabling secure SD-WAN for our
joint customers

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Secure SD-WAN without compromise

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“As enterprises fast-track SD-WAN, they are realizing that securing application traffic is paramount to success. Silver Peak enables them to steer traffic to Zscaler automatically, assuring compliance with the unique security policies and business intent of each enterprise.”

- Fraser Street, Vice President Technical Alliances, Silver Peak