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IoT Device Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view into IoT devices across your business

Zscaler IoT Device Visibility, provides a holistic view of all IoT devices, servers, and unmanaged user devices across your organization.


IoT devices can create security blind spots across your business

IoT devices such as barcode scanners and smart thermostats are not typically designed with security in mind. Weak encryption, patching complexity, and an inability to host traditional agents leave organizations that deploy these devices struggling to gain even basic visibility into their volume and diversity. This includes unknown and unauthorized IoT devices on their network, which can pose major business risks.


Eliminate blind spots with IoT Device Visibility

A comprehensive view of all IoT devices

Clearly identify and monitor the behaviors of IoT devices, servers, and unmanaged user devices across the organization.

Simplified management and improved productivity

Reduce admin overhead with continuous monitoring, AI/ML classification of IoT devices, and centralized reporting in the Zscaler admin portal.

Reduced risk and complexity through zero trust

Enable zero trust connectivity for IoT devices across the business based on device behavior and identity.

How It Works
Use Cases

Comprehensive visibility to reduce risk


Analyze unauthenticated traffic to identify new or unauthorized IoT devices connected to the network.


Eliminate blind spots with continuous monitoring that provides real-time insight into your IoT landscape.


Leverage AI/ML to automatically identify IoT device types based on activity and behavior, rather than traditional approaches that require manual processes or sensors.


Deliver rich context for IoT devices—including device classification, data consumption, apps used, and destinations visited—through a single pane of glass.


Eliminate manual assessment, fragmented device context, and the need to deploy and manage sensors to collect data from IoT devices at every location.

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IoT Device Visibility

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