Securing private equity with Zscaler

Corporations around the globe are dealing with sophisticated cyberattacks involving nation-states and organized cybercrime syndicates. Recent studies have shown that cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks, often in just two days. 

Data breaches and ransomware attacks on public companies tend to attract more attention, but the risks are just as great for private equity firms, which many bad actors regard as ”target-rich zones.” What’s more, PE firms are not the only ones at risk: their portfolio companies, often mid-market and less cyber-sophisticated, are also frequent targets.

As the threat landscape evolves, PE firms and leaders need to be more deeply engaged and involved in the cyber resiliency of internal operations, portfolio companies, and transactions. To preserve and create value, it is critical to understand the nature of today’s cybersecurity threats and essential risk management measures.

Zscaler helps private equity firms and portfolio companies by


Mitigating and controlling cyber risk with a turnkey, cloud native security as a service solution


Increasing cyber resiliency to better detect, prevent, and respond to cyberthreats


 Improving EBITDA and  digital value creation by consolidating disparate point solutions to simplify network and security stacks


Accelerating time to value for platform, add-on, and carve-out transactions with rapid integration to achieve scale and time to market


PE firms face new risks

  • Financial services are 300x more likely to be attacked than other industries
  • 68% of business leaders believe their companies’ cyber risks are growing
  • 92% of US businesses have seen cyberthreats grow with increased WFH
  • Data breaches now cost an average $3.86 million globally—$8.64 million in the US

Zscaler is the clear strategic choice for private equity firms


reduction in your exploitable attack surface


reduction in time to value during add-ons/tuck-ins


reduction in legacy network and security infrastructure


reduction in operational complexity via cloud native security as a service

Private equity engagement roadmap



Identify core PE firm/ PortCo assets to protect



Deploy Zscaler to secure your environment/enable integration



Boost the security and cyber maturity of PE firms and PortCo



Identify value creation opportunities and drivers

We work with 6 of the top 10 global private equity firms to

Modernize and accelerate secure transformation journeys

Protect their most critical assets—employees and investors

Enable their workforce to focus on deal value vs. operations

Identify value creation and optimization opportunities

We also work with hundreds of PE-backed PortCos to:

Rapidly integrate tuck-ins and add-ons to accelerate time to value

Protect and preserve deal value by securing PortCo environments

Optimize and simplify PortCo network and infrastructure landscapes

Position PortCos for smooth eventual exit with modernized security infrastructure

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