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Secure All Your Data with Unified DLP

With centralized DLP, it’s never been easier to secure all data channels with a single policy.
Protect Data Anywhere

Ready for better data protection?

In the work-from-anywhere world, effective information security requires a unified solution designed for distributed data and cloud scale. Discover a better way to secure all your data—wherever it goes.


Welcome to the future of data protection

Say goodbye to protection gaps and complex administration. With innovative auto data discovery and complete protection across all channels, our revolutionary DLP approach redefines how you secure data.

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Protect all data and channels

Get unified on- and off-network protection for all users. Secure internet, email, endpoint, IaaS, private apps and risk posture in one simple, powerful platform.

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Secure email with ease

Quickly scale DLP to email content and attachments without configuration changes via SMTP relay.

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Discover data automatically

Easily find more data risks with AI-powered data discovery across endpoint, inline, and clouds.

Why Zscaler DLP for data protection?

Zscaler operates a high-performance cloud platform that inspects all internet and SSL traffic and provides users with fast, consistent security wherever they are.


With this enterprise DLP solution natively integrated in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, you get a complete security service edge (SSE), eliminating the costs and complexity of point products while providing:

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Identical protection, no matter the location or type of data
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DLP protection across web, email, endpoint, IaaS, public cloud, private apps, and BYOD
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Scalable SSL inspection from the world’s largest inline security cloud
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Streamlined workflows and operations from innovative ML-powered data discovery

Discover the power of better data discovery

With Zero Configuration Data Protection, you get actionable visibility across all your data.


Find sensitive data risks with ease

Go from data discovery to action in just a few clicks.

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Introducing the AI Data Protection Platform

Join us as we unveil groundbreaking innovations to proactively discover, identify, and secure all your data.

Advanced Features

Improve detection accuracy with exact data match (EDM)

With Zscaler EDM, you can easily find and control any occurrence of specific data. From employee records to customers’ personal data and credit card numbers, EDM lets you fingerprint sensitive data and improve detection accuracy while reducing DLP false positives.

Zscaler EDM

Protect sensitive documents with indexed document matching (IDM)

With Zscaler IDM, you can secure high-value documents that typically carry sensitive data. Fingerprint tax, medical, manufacturing, or other important forms and detect documents that use those templates across all your cloud data channels.


Protect data in image files with optical character recognition (OCR)

Data doesn’t only appear in plain text—so you need DLP that secures visual data as well. Zscaler OCR scans images to perform data classification for files like PNGs and JPEGs, and for images embedded in other file types (e.g., Microsoft Word documents). It even works in tandem with EDM and IDM functions.


Is your DLP missing data loss?

Find out with Zscaler Security Preview.

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