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Zero Trust Live

Unveiling the next generation of zero trust, today.

Test-drive Zscaler Private Access

Get hands-on with the world’s most deployed zero trust network access (ZTNA) platform.

Extending the Zero Trust Exchange with industry-first security service edge (SSE) innovations

Safeguarding private apps from compromise

Safeguarding private apps from compromise

Inline private app protection, with full coverage for the OWASP Top 10, stops compromised users and insider threats from exploiting the most prevalent web app security vulnerabilities.

Enhancing lateral movement detection to stop breaches

Enhancing lateral movement detection to stop breaches

Native deception intercepts advanced adversaries and stops lateral movement with built-in decoys and automated containment across the Zero Trust Exchange.

Reducing the attack surface of privileged users

Reducing the attack surface of privileged users

Enhanced agentless access with RDP/SSH support simplifies troubleshooting of industrial systems and private apps from unmanaged devices while eliminating lateral movement and replacing burdensome VDIs.

Zscaler Private Access is the world's only next-generation zero trust network access platform

Experience the future of zero trust, today

Learn directly from industry leaders as they share strategies for implementing zero trust at some of the world’s largest organizations. You’ll also see how we’ve evolved the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ with industry-first SSE innovations to deliver the world’s only next-generation ZTNA platform.

Keynote event

Fireside chat

20 mins

Jim Alkove

Security Advisor & Former CTO, Salesforce

Jay Chaudhry

Chairman, Founder, & CEO, Zscaler

The Future of Zero Trust

Join Salesforce’s Jim Alkove in a compelling conversation with Jay Chaudhry, founder and CEO of Zscaler, on the state of zero trust and where it’s heading. You’ll get an insightful look into:

  • How to leave legacy network security behind and transform to a zero trust architecture
  • What to expect along the way
  • How the industry will continue to evolve

Launch news

20 mins

Tony Paterra

SVP, Product Management, Zscaler

Deepak Patel

Sr. Director, OT Security, Zscaler

Lisa Lorenzin

Field CTO, Zscaler

Sahir Hidayatullah

VP, Deception, Zscaler

Introducing the Industry’s Only Next-Gen ZTNA Platform

The future of work is hybrid, and it’s time to transform your security architecture to support that. Get a front-row look at how the Zero Trust Exchange is bringing industry-first innovations to stop breaches by minimizing the risk of compromised users, insider threats, and lateral movement.

You'll see how Zscaler Private Access®, the world's most deployed ZTNA solution, is evolving beyond first-generation ZTNA.

Industry panel

15 mins

Chris Porter

CISO, Fannie Mae

Parthasarathi Chakraborty

Associate VP, Humana

Steve Williams

Enterprise CISO, NTT DATA Services

Patrick Foxhoven

CIO, Zscaler

Lessons Learned: Navigating Your Zero Trust Transformation

As you plan your transformation from legacy firewalls and VPNs to a holistic zero trust architecture, best practices from other IT and security leaders can speed up and simplify your journey.

We’ve brought together a panel of experts who've done it in their own companies to share their strategies and playbooks for zero trust transformation.

Gartner Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

Experience the future of zero trust, today

Experience the future of zero trust, today

Watch the Zero Trust Live event on-demand to hear how industry leaders have implemented a zero trust architecture at some of the world’s largest organizations, including Salesforce, Humana, NTT DATA, Guaranteed Rate, and more. You’ll also get to see how we’ve evolved the Zero Trust Exchange with industry-first SSE innovations to deliver the world’s only next-generation ZTNA platform that stops the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Technical Deep Dives

Next-Gen ZTNA Innovations

Dig deep into how we’ve evolved Zscaler Private Access into the industry’s only next-gen ZTNA platform, leapfrogging first-gen offerings that mainly focus on connectivity. You’ll get hands-on demos that showcase how the platform’s new security innovations stop breaches and reduce risk.

Zero Trust Adoption Best Practices

Get an actionable playbook for zero trust transformation to help you avoid common pitfalls and speed up your transformation journey. Our field CISO and CTO experts will offer insights and best practices from helping hundreds of customers transform from to zero trust.

Adopting an Extended Zero Trust Ecosystem

Ft. Darin Hurd, CISO, Guaranteed Rate
Zero trust is a team sport, and we’ve brought together leaders from CrowdStrike and Okta to help you build an extended zero trust ecosystem across our platforms. Join us to get a complete view of key integrations and a demo that seamlessly integrates the best of each vendor’s offerings.

Check your attack surface—find out what attackers see

Request an in-depth attack surface analysis to see what apps and services you have exposed to the internet, vulnerable to attacks.

Protect and empower your business with zero trust

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange enables fast, secure connections and allows your employees to work from anywhere using the internet as the corporate network. Based on the zero trust principle of least-privileged access, it provides comprehensive security using context-based identity and policy enforcement.

The Zero Trust Exchange operates across 150 data centers worldwide, ensuring that the service is close to your users, co-located with the cloud providers and applications they are accessing, such as Microsoft 365 and AWS. It guarantees the shortest path between your users and their destinations, providing comprehensive security and an amazing user experience.

Reduce cost and complexity

Reduce cost and complexity

Simple to manage and deploy without the need for VPNs or complex firewall rules.

Delivers a great user experience

Delivers a great user experience

Intelligently manages and optimizes direct connections to cloud applications.

Eliminates the internet attack surface

Eliminates the internet attack surface

Applications sit behind the exchange, preventing discovery and targeted attacks.

Prevents the lateral movement of threats

Prevents the lateral movement of threats

Connects users to apps directly, without network access, to isolate threats.

Zscaler is proud to be the the world’s top-rated and most deployed security service edge (SSE) platform

City of LA

City of LA

“Our ability to work remotely is better for the employee, it’s better for the environment, and we think there are a lot of benefits we can take after the pandemic … Zscaler has allowed us to be a very resilient city.”

– Ted Ross, General Manager and CIO, City of Los Angeles

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