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Quo Vadis Zero Trust? Zscaler‘s One True Zero Live Roadshow provides the answers!

MARC LUECK - CISO Northern Europe, Zscaler
November 20, 2023 - 5 min read

At the London tour stop on 29th of November 2023, companies will receive practical tips on how to unlock the full potential of Zero Trust

While a lot of educational work has had to be carried out around the Zero Trust security framework in recent years, there is now agreement that we’ve reached the tipping point for mass adoption. In order to remain competitive, companies are transforming their IT processes, reducing the complexity of their infrastructures, and trying to derive maximum benefit from automation and digitalization. Zero Trust-based security for users, workloads, IoT and OT environments, as well as B2B connectivity with external partners helps to realize these transformation goals.

That’s not to say that discussion around the potential of Zero Trust is no longer important – if anything it is more important than ever. Today‘s decision-makers are faced with a flood of Zero Trust offerings and have to choose which approach – whether a single solution or a highly integrated, cloud-based platform –  best fits their digitalization strategy and will most efficiently support the consolidation of their IT infrastructure. Meanwhile, ever-changing compliance requirements and regulations such as DORA and NIS2 add new challenges and must also be taken into account. 

Our European One True Zero Live Roadshow will demonstrate how the right Zero Trust framework can help companies overcome even the most complex of challenges – from protecting against cyber threats, to ensuring data security, enabling borderless connectivity, and unlocking business analytics.

Zero Trust: No longer if, but how!

To bring a holistic Zero Trust strategy to life, every company must first do its homework. Implementing Zero Trust principles of least privileged access to data and applications typically necessitates a total shake-up of the established IT infrastructure. This not only means considering the segmentation issue that we’ve had for the last 20 years, but also how to deal with the flood of data and provide comprehensive, identity-based data protection in the age of growing cybercrime. The focus must be on determining who has access to what. And companies often need solid advice on how to start answering this.

Last but not least, companies must ask themselves which identities can still be trusted and how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used profitably and safely. Zscaler’s latest “All eyes on securing GenAI” survey highlights the dilemma companies face when dealing with a new technology like generative AI (GenAI). 95 percent of the IT decision-makers surveyed worldwide said their organization is already using GenAI tools to varying degrees, and yet 89 percent also see the technology as a potential security risk. How does Zero Trust help address this challenge?

Implementing Zero Trust in practice

During our tour stop in London, we’ll be presenting new technologies and practical case studies that help bring Zero Trust to life – showing how it can reduce business risks, optimize productivity and increase the flexibility of companies, while enabling them to implement technologies like GenAI in a secure and controlled way. The agenda includes a panel discussion with four customers who have already overcome the hurdles of implementing a Zero Trust architecture, as well as technical presentations and demos around the four core areas of modern security:

  • Cyber Threat Protection: How can companies efficiently protect themselves against the ever-present dangers of ransomware attacks using AI-based tools for threat prevention, segmentation and isolation? The topic of identity theft will also be covered – examining how,  with the help of deception technologies, companies can create a “negative trust” environment to mislead attackers.
  • Data Protection: The classification of critical data – and understanding where different data types are kept – are two of the core challenges facing any company looking to get started with Zero Trust. The roadshow will demonstrate how automated data detection and classification works, how shadow vulnerabilities are identified and how data in motion can be secured across all channels.
  • Zero Trust Connectivity: Zero Trust can be used not only to protect data streams to the Internet, but also for secure connectivity between users, branches, production sites and IoT/OT devices. Given the rapidly increasing amount of workloads in the cloud, these communication flows also need to be monitored.
  • Business Analytics: The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange Platform provides a powerful framework for risk quantification and visualization to address cybersecurity risks. Zscaler Risk360 helps managers make informed decisions to reduce cyber risks based on a holistic view of the security situation in real time. The AI-based analysis of data streams also helps optimize the digital user experience.

Leaning into their deep insights around the implementation of Zero Trust from a customer perspective, Zscaler experts will be on hand during the event to offer practical tips and assistance to those setting up their own projects – from structuring the process, to classifying data and policies as a basis for meeting legal requirements.

The event will also encourage peer to peer exchanges, giving anyone who has embarked on the path to secure digitalization based on Zero Trust the opportunity to share valuable learnings. This includes former Zscaler clients, who now act as transformation strategists, accompanying interested parties on their quest to redesign their digital infrastructure.

Exploit untapped potential

The right Zero Trust platform can provide the answer to all of today’s business and organizational infrastructure requirements. From supporting hybrid working, to securing workloads in the cloud, or enabling future scenarios for securing applications at the edge, the roadshow will show the potential for Zero Trust to lead to a truly holistic transformation.

Zero Trust can do so much more than just strengthen a company's security posture. Are you ready to be inspired? Register for the One True Zero Roadshow in London today!


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