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Use cloud-scale artificial intelligence to stay safe
from new and evolving threats.

The struggle to stay ahead of advanced threats

Protecting your organization is a full-time job. From new, malicious websites to ransomware to phishing attacks, there is always something dangerous challenging your brittle defenses. But how do you fend off advanced threats that move faster than your security? Machine learning (ML) can help to speed your time to protection, but today’s ML solutions often use an inadequate approach.

Why traditional machine learning can miss attacks

icon showing traditional machine learning can miss attacks due to resource limitations

Resource limitations

For effective machine learning, you need lots and lots of data to create models—data that’s centralized and correlated in real time, which simply isn’t available from disjointed security appliances.

icon showing traditional machine learning can miss attacks due to lack of context analysis

Lack of context analysis

Network-based solutions are limited as a result of looking at individual packets while missing the bigger picture that spans all content—a view that’s needed to apply machine learning in a meaningful way.

icon showing traditional machine learning can miss attacks due to lack of enforcement challenges

Enforcement challenges

Architectures like next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) that allow pass-through connections can’t quarantine content for ML analysis, which means malicious bytes will pass until a verdict is determined.

Zscaler Machine Learning

Harness the power of the cloud for better advanced threat protection

Zscaler Machine Learning quickly identifies threat patterns across volumes of data in order to block advanced threats without signatures or human interaction. By leveraging the size and scope of the Zscaler cloud, users and data can be protected in real time from emerging threats, such as polymorphic malware, spear phishing, and suspicious websites.

Zscaler Machine Learning provides better protection against unknown threats

What can Zscaler do for you

Zscaler provides real-time protection

Real-time protection

With an inline cloud architecture unbound by traditional appliance constraints, Zscaler can block all new variations of known threats, polymorphic viruses, and ransomware in real time.

zscaler prevents unknown phishing attacks

Prevent unknown phishing attacks

Leverage advanced AI-based content analysis and data that’s modeled from 100 billion transactions each day to prevent access to new and unknown spear-phishing and
credential-phishing attacks.

Zscaler Machine Learning closes security gaps by classifying new and unknown websites

Real-time classification of unknown websites

Zscaler Machine Learning closes security gaps by classifying new and unknown websites as they are being accessed, which improves policy enforcement and user experience.

What makes Zscaler Machine Learning unique?

Provides leakproof machine learning

Traditional NGFW pass-through architectures have limited resources to hold and analyze all packets in real time. Because Zscaler leverages cloud scale for inline inspection, every packet is captured and analyzed for malicious content in real time before endpoint delivery.

Stops targeted phishing websites

Many targeted and purpose-built phishing websites cannot be detected by signatures or unsophisticated ML. Zscaler’s inline machine learning models can detect these dangerous and unknown targeted phishing pages before they appear in the end user’s browser.

Closes unknown website security gaps

Traditional solutions have to crawl new and unclassified websites to properly classify them, which is inefficient and leaves users exposed to suspicious content. With Zscaler Machine Learning, web content is immediately classified upon user access, which enables improved enforcement of policies that block unclassified web pages.

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