Unleash the Power of Generative AI with Zscaler

Zscaler has long used AI/ML to keep our customers safer—now, we’re unveiling new AI-based security controls to stop the latest attacks, further enhance data protection, and secure the use of generative AI. We also harness AI to build ever more innovative products.


Bringing our scale to bear for better AI outcomes

Zscaler's proprietary large language models (LLMs) are fully integrated with the world's largest security cloud to leverage a data lake built on more than 300 billion daily transactions. This incredible volume of high-quality data continuously improves our LLMs and AI models to deliver ever-more powerful AI outcomes for IT and security teams.

newest ai innovations
Gain even more effective sensitive data protection
Prevent data leakage while retaining AI prompts and the output of AI apps for security and audits.
strengthen-your-security-posture-against-the-risks of AI apps
Strengthen your security posture against the risks of AI apps
Gain comprehensive risk scoring for AI apps to better control usage and manage potential risk.
Ensure secure use of tools like ChatGPT
Enjoy granular control over AI application usage with the ability to set different policies for different users.
Limit risky actions in AI apps
Prevent actions that put data at risk, like uploads, downloads, and copy/paste, with Zscaler Browser Isolation.
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AI for better security and more efficient IT

AI-powered segmentation
Minimize your internal attack surface with automatically identified application segments to create the right zero trust access policies to reduce security risk.
Fast time to data protection
Protect data immediately with ML-based automatic data classification—with no configuration necessary—to accelerate your data protection programs.
AI-driven root cause analysis
Identify root causes of poor experiences 180 times faster to help users get back to work in seconds, accelerate MTTR, and free up IT from time-consuming troubleshooting and analysis.
AI-driven sandboxing verdicts
Avoid patient 0 infections with AI that instantly knows if a new file is malicious without allowing a file into an organization while waiting for a sandbox verdict.
emerging Use cases

Emerging AI use cases


Easily access relevant product information and interact with Zscaler products through a seamless, secure, and user-friendly natural language interface.


This technology, currently in use by ThreatLabz, will soon enable to bolster your security posture with advanced AI engines that ingest anonymized customer data to anticipate breaches.


We are researching the next generation of DLP that integrates generative AI and multimodal capabilities to protect data from leaking in video and audio, beyond the text and images DLP secures today.

Our Platform

Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.
Our Platform

Securely connects authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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Make generative AI tools like ChatGPT safe and secure with Zscaler
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