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The Results Are In: Zscaler Excels in Recent AV-TEST


As you know, the Zscaler ThreatLabZ team is intently focused on the security of our customers. We know exactly how much traffic we’re securing for our clients (2.4 trillion transactions last month). We know how many times we blocked malicious content in that same timeframe (1.3 billion), and we know how many policies we enforced (190.2 billion). Continuously measuring the performance of the world’s largest security cloud is just one of the many ways our team makes sure customer data is protected at all times.

That said, third-party testing of our products is something we take seriously, as it provides independent assurance that we are providing the effective cloud security solutions we promise to our customers. Benchmarking our products’ security internally is great as it enables all our teams to celebrate milestones in our cloud’s expansion, such as last month’s achievement of protecting over 100 billion transactions per day. However, what’s most important for us is that we consistently deliver on our customers’ expectations for threat and data protection. Customer feedback and third-party tests help us do exactly that.

In June 2020, AV-TEST released its Zscaler Internet Security Protection Test report following its evaluation of the Zscaler Security Cloud Platform. Zscaler was tested for its ability to protect against zero-day threats and known malware, as well as the effectiveness of the Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) security stack and Advanced Cloud Sandbox functionality.

The test focused primarily on the detection rate of malicious portable executable (PE) files and other malicious files (such as HTML and  JavaScript), and phishing URLs.

AV-TEST also evaluated Zscaler on its percentage of false positives for websites and downloaded files. False positives do not themselves pose a threat, but an administrator must sift through them and, in high numbers, a common problem, false positives take time away from addressing real threats.

In total, more than 23,000 different samples were used in the testing, and we’re proud to say that Zscaler received top marks in all categories, with:

  • In prevalent malware testing, a blocking rate of 99.7% was delivered by using the Zscaler Internet Access Security Stack and Advanced Cloud Sandbox
  • In real-world testing, based on blocking of known recent indicators, a testing protection rate of 97.7% was delivered by using the Zscaler Internet Access Security Stack and Advanced Cloud Sandbox
  • In real-word testing, the Zscaler Cloud effect, which shares threat intelligence across the platform, helped to increase protection from 94.4% to 97.7%
  • Using Advanced Cloud Sandbox, coupled with the use of the Zscaler Cloud Platform and Cloud Effect, provided the best overall detection results.

Despite these great results, what really sets Zscaler apart from competitors is our Advanced Cloud Sandbox and Zscaler Cloud Effect. Our Advanced Cloud Sandbox conducts native inline behavior analysis by inspecting malicious file types and quarantining file delivery until it is confirmed clean. Because the Zscaler Cloud Sandbox is built on top of a proxy architecture, Zscaler Cloud Effect increases protection by sharing threat intelligence across users and organizations via the Zscaler Cloud Platform and Advanced Cloud Sandbox.

Download the AV-TEST report here to see all the results.

For many of our customers, Zscaler is their secure internet. Our customers rely on an effective 100% cloud-delivered security platform as the springboard for a secure move to the cloud. Testing the performance of products internally, externally, and in response to a diverse range of real-world scenarios is how we ensure that we’re continuing to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


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Steve Grossenbacher is a Director of Product Marketing at Zscaler

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