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The treasure trove of credentials - This week in cybersecurity

December 14, 2017 - 2 min read

Hackers halt plant operations in watershed cyber attack

Hackers likely working for a nation-state recently invaded the safety system of a critical infrastructure facility in a watershed attack that halted plant operations, according to cyber investigators and the firm whose software was targeted. 

Millions Impacted by Credential-Stealers in Google Play

During October and November 2017, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered 85 applications in Google Play that were designed to steal credentials for Russian social network VK.com. One of the malicious applications had more than a million downloads. 

Variation of 19-Year-Old Cryptographic Attack Affects Facebook, PayPal, Others

Three security researchers have discovered a variation to an old cryptographic attack that can be exploited to obtain the private encryption key necessary to decrypt sensitive HTTPS traffic under certain conditions.

New Spider Ransomware Comes With 96-Hour Deadline

A ransomware campaign targeting the Balkans comes with a 96-hour deadline and includes a link to a video that assures victims payments can be made easily.

1.4 Billion Clear Text Credentials Discovered in a Single Database

A Massive Resource for Cybercriminals Makes it Easy to Access Billions of Credentials.


Apple let a knockoff version of one of the world’s biggest crypto wallets into the App Store

An app masquerading as MyEtherWallet.com, one of the internet's most popular services for storing ETH and other crypto coins, has made its way to the top of the App store

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