Zenith Live: Training for the Next Generation of Cloud Leaders

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Do you feel that? It’s the excitement building around Zenith Live, the Zscaler Annual Cloud Summit, which is only a few weeks away! We’ve been preparing around the clock for this year’s all-virtual conference, and we’ll be bringing you incredible opportunities to hear from industry visionaries, join panel discussions with business leaders, connect with peers...and learn! In fact, the training this year includes a slew of two-hour essentials and masters classes with lab exercises.

These courses are designed to help you tackle some of today’s toughest networking, cloud, and security challenges on the digital transformation journey. You can gain new skills or develop further those you already have. Not only that, but you’ll earn CPE credits. We can’t stress enough that the three training tracks—Networking, Security, and ZPA/Zero Trust—offer something for everyone. 

Below are just some of the sessions we’ll be offering at Zenith Live. You can access the full course list by visiting our agenda page. Registration is open, but space is limited and some sessions are already full, so get yourself registered and signed up for training while space is available. 


Networking Essentials

  • Cloud Firewall with Z-tunnel 2.0: Explore securing all ports and protocols with Zscaler Cloud Firewall and Cloud IPS from the perspective of network and security operators as well as testing the end-user experience.
  • Traffic Forwarding with SD-WAN: Learn how to enable branch network transformation for rapid deployment of integrated products from Zscaler SD-WAN technology partners.


Networking Masters

  • Zscaler Client Connector Deployment & User Authentication: Participate in hands-on lab exercises that explore options for the automated deployment and enrollment of Client Connector.
  • User Experience Management with ZDX: Learn how ZDX provides visibility into the end-user device, network path, and SaaS/internet application performance for comprehensive user experience insights.


Security Essentials

  • Threat Protection with Cloud Sandbox and ZIA: Learn to configure and monitor malware and advanced threat protection, including Cloud Sandbox malicious active content protection.
  • Endpoint Protection Integration: Learn how the Zscaler platform integrates with third-party endpoint protection solutions such as CrowdStrike Falcon to provide end-to-end protection from device to app. 


Security Masters

  • Data Protection with DLP & EDM: Learn how Zscaler Cloud Data Loss Prevention with Exact Data Match (EDM) allows you to secure data in motion across any of your users’ network connections.
  • Security Operations Workshop: Learn about Zscaler security layers and how to understand security logs, APIs, integrations, and threat hunting.


ZPA/Zero Trust Essentials

  • Getting ZPA Working: Learn best practices for securing remote access to private apps while delivering the best user experience possible in this hands-on session.
  • ZPA Application Discovery and Basic Management: Learn to configure application discovery, convert the discovered applications to ZPA application segments, and build application access policies.


ZPA/Zero Trust Masters

  • ZPA Advanced Policy Control: Discover how advanced ZPA policy controls provide the granularity needed to provide application segmentation without network segmentation.
  • ZPA Troubleshooting: Work with sample troubleshooting scenarios to gain experience with troubleshooting tools, the data they provide, and how to triage common ZPA misconfiguration issues.

Remember, space is limited for each section, so register today


Join us at the Zenith of Digital Transformation

Zenith Live 2020 will be unlike any other virtual conference. As the premier event dedicated to secure digital transformation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Zscaler leaders, customers, partners, and your peers, and we’ll even have an astronaut on hand to talk about what it really means to go beyond limits

Registration is live, so don’t wait to reserve your spot.


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