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Drive Faster MTTR with the Latest Innovations in Zscaler Digital Experience

Drive Faster MTTR with the Latest Innovations in Zscaler Digital Experience

As we discussed in our announcement blog, Zscaler is continuing efforts to empower IT Operations and Service Desk teams to deliver flawless digital experiences. Many organizations are still struggling to support a distributed workforce, as users and data continue to put a strain on IT departments with already limited time and resources. In order to drive better outcomes, IT must have intelligent tools at their disposal to efficiently troubleshoot internet connectivity, accelerate Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) through precise AI-powered issue detection, and root cause analysis, and expand and support the digital workforce quickly and confidently. 


Maximize digital dexterity with global insights

The internet is now the new corporate backbone, and it is vital to quickly gain insights to improve end user productivity from anywhere. Network operations and service desk teams need simple intuitive solutions across the enterprise to monitor ISPs, internet, transport, unified communication solutions, and more. However, it’s not only important to monitor and triage issues but to also understand repetitive issues across the enterprise so they can be addressed.    

1. Monitor quality of WebEx meetings: Webex call quality is our new addition to the already existing UCaaS monitoring capabilities of Zoom call quality and Teams call quality monitoring. This new capability enables you to monitor your users' Webex meetings; among two or more participants. This integration provides real-time visibility into their meeting experience. The ZDX score for call quality can reflect either a Mean opinion score (MOS) average, or metric thresholds for latency, jitter, and packet loss. Call quality works in parallel with cloud path probes and device metrics and events to help you identify issues that are unique to a device or the network. 

Call quality data is retrieved using the Webex API, and data is captured in real time as a meeting is in progress. This enables your support teams to quickly get to the root cause of an ongoing issue in a meeting or a past meeting where the user experienced problems. 


ZDX with integrated Webex insights


2. Quarterly insights for productivity reviews (QBR): ZDX quarterly business report (QBR) provides executive and operations teams comprehensive analysis about the organization’s end user, application, and network experience while providing them key insights into their business to take action. 

The QBR report provides trend analysis on users’ ZDX score, applications experience, ISP information, DNS performance, network latency, alerts, and much more.

It also provides you with insights into your user Wi-Fi connectivity and detailed outlines about configured application scores across various geographical regions.