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Introducing AI-powered Innovations for Zscaler for Users

ADAM ROECKL - Product Marketing
June 22, 2022 - 3 min read

Today’s Innovations Keynote at Zenith Live will unveil new AI-powered innovations for Zscaler for Users. We’re proud to deliver these capabilities to our customers to help them stop advanced cyberattacks, simplify zero trust adoption, and ensure great user experiences with: 

  • Zero trust security for users, powered by AI
  • Next-gen ZTNA, powered by AI
  • Digital experience monitoring, powered by AI

Join us virtually at Zenith Live to see the latest innovations firsthand!


Zero trust security for users. Powered by AI.

Why it matters: Organizations around the world are facing a barrage of highly advanced, automated attacks that traditional defenses can’t detect or prevent, like phishing. Zscaler’s new AI-powered security services, dynamic risk-based policy, and contextual threat intelligence helps organizations detect unknown attacks, future-proof policy, and respond to incidents faster. 

What we are announcing:  




AI-Powered Cloud Browser Isolation

Leverage robust, proprietary AI models and one-click configuration to automatically identify and isolate risky or suspicious websites.

AI-Powered Phishing Detection

Detect and block patient-zero phishing pages inline with advanced AI-based detection.

AI-Powered C2 Detection

Identify and stop attacks from never-before-seen botnets inline, including highly advanced evasion techniques. 

Dynamic, Risk-Based Policy

Continuous analysis of user, device, application, and content fuels risk-based, dynamic policy to stop active attacks and future-proof defenses.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Automatically identify your organization’s risk by configuring with integrated best practice recommendations to improve your organization’s security posture. 

Contextual Alerts

Get contextualized and correlated alerts with insights into threat score, impacted assets, severity, and more to drastically improve response times.


Next-gen ZTNA. Powered by AI. 

Why it matters: Attackers use lateral movement in 60% of breaches to reach their intended target after gaining a foothold. Zscaler’s new AI-powered app segmentation, private app protection, and integrated attacker deception reduces the attack surface, stops lateral movement, and decomplicates zero trust adoption.     

What we are announcing: 




AI-Powered App Segmentation

Private app telemetry, user context, behavior, and location data fuels AI-powered app segmentation to minimize the attack surface and stop lateral movement.

Private App Protection

Detect and stop the most prevalent web attacks with the industry’s only inline inspection and prevention capabilities for ZTNA.

Attacker Deception

Identify and disrupt sophisticated threats that bypass traditional defenses with the only zero trust platform with integrated deception technology.

Privileged Remote Access

Enable secure, direct access to IoT and OT for privileged users on unmanaged devices over RDP and SSH.

Private App Isolation

Eliminate the risk of losing sensitive data through vulnerable clients and infected endpoints with integrated cloud browser isolation for unmanaged devices.


Digital Experience Monitoring. Powered by AI. 

Why it matters: When user experience issues arise, IT teams spend too much time combing through mismatched data and logs to investigate the root cause instead of solving the issues at hand. Zscaler’s new AI-powered root cause analysis, inventory metrics, deep integrations, and ISP insights help IT teams identify problems quickly and speed troubleshooting. 

What we’re announcing: 



AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Automatically isolate root causes of performance issues. Spend less time troubleshooting, eliminate finger-pointing, and get users back to work faster.

Software Inventory Metrics

Get a full understanding of your software portfolio and the versions deployed across your organization, and within each device. Rapidly troubleshoot and fix end-user device issues without having to remote in, and keep them in compliance. 

Robust API Integrations

Integrate ZDX’s digital experience insights with popular ITSM tools like ServiceNow to provide additional insights and trigger remediation workflows.

ISP Insights

Monitor the health of the Internet. Be the first to spot ISP incidents across the globe, by severity. Pick top-performing ISPs to optimize user experience.


For more information on the latest AI-powered innovations for Zscaler for Users, join Zenith Live virtually and check out the Zero Trust for Users Innovation page. 

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