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By: Gaurav Shinde

Nasty adware hiding in apps on Google Play Store

The adware would like to be your device administrator if you let it

Mobile Malware

In our ongoing hunt for malicious apps on Google Play Store, we have come across more than a dozen apps that we have confirmed to be aggressive adware strains, with the ability to add themselves as device administrator on a victim's…
By: Rohit Hegde

March Madness Fake Streams and Phishing Attempts

A look at malicious activity on the Internet around March Madness


March Madness is in full swing and the Sweet 16 games are upon us While enthusiasts everywhere prepare to stream their favorite teams' games, the increased interest in the tournament has also attracted the attention of threat actors who've produced…
By: Derek Gooley

Top Exploit Kit Activity Roundup - Winter 2017

Exploit Kit

Overview This is the fourth in a series of posts in which we're examining recent activity of the current top exploit kits. An exploit kit (EK) is a rapidly deployable software package designed to leverage vulnerabilities in web browsers to deliver a malicious…
By: Derek Gooley

The Rise in SSL-based Threats

Encryption | Malware

Overview The majority of Internet traffic is now encrypted. With the advent of free SSL providers like Let s Encrypt, the move to encryption has become easy and free. On any given day in the Zscaler cloud, more than half…
By: Shivang Desai

SpyNote RAT posing as Netflix app

SpyNote RAT posing as Netflix app and more

Mobile Malware

Watch on Fox News Hackers may use fake Netflix app to spy on users As users have become more attached to their mobile devices, they want everything on those devices. There s an app for just about any facet of one…
By: Viral Gandhi

Super Mario Run Malware #2 – DroidJack RAT

Gamers love Mario and Pokemon, but so do malware authors.

Mobile Malware

A few days back, we wrote about an Android Marcher trojan variant posing as the Super Mario Run game for Android. We have found another instance of malware posing as the Super Mario Run Android app, and this time it has taken…
By: Viral Gandhi

Android Marcher now posing as Super Mario Run

Attackers seek to use the game's popularity to spread malware


Nintendo recently released Super Mario Run for the iOS platform. In no time, the game became a sensational hit on the iTunes store. However, there is not yet an Android version and there has been no official news on such a…
By: Chris Mannon

Santa Claus is coming to town with a sack full of ransomware

Abuse | Adware | Analysis | Exploit | Malware | Phishing | Ransomware | Scam | Spam

It s the season holiday shopping has increased and email inboxes have been inundated with promotional emails, offers from online retailers, and discount banners. And with increased online shopping activity, you can expect to see an increase in activity from…

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