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Beware Of IPhone5 Scams

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Beware Of IPhone5 Scams

Following Apple's announcement of the iPhone 5 yesterday, we have certainly seen a large number of web transactions to domains/URLs related to this subject.  While you may covet the latest and greatest gadget, this is just a friendly reminder to please keep in mind that the scammers / fraudsters know this desire and are using it in their social engineering lures.

A quick peek at some of the sites this morning, most appear to be "pay-per-click" / CPA style schemes in which the scammer monetizes clicks as well as gathers information about potential victims via surveys.  The lures include things win an iphone 5 "contest" or get one free for doing testing:






Beware of iPhone5 scams.  We will update this post as any "new" / unique scams or malware delivery are uncovered with this iPhone5 social engineering lure.




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