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IPad Beta-Testing Scam

IPad Beta-Testing Scam

I saw this being spam advertised on Facebook:
Tammi Tyler appears to be a throw-away, spam profile used for this campaign.

The link takes the follower to: hxxp://

Site advertises that you sign-up and beta-test an iPad for 2 months and then get to keep it ... in addition to feeding this spam group with your contact information (step 1 of registration), they also request that you give them your email account password (step 2):

The contact info on the page shows:

The domain was recently parked and domain was registered earlier this month, both use to mask the registration information. currently resolves to (UKHOST4U), and to (NEXT DIMENSION INC).

Googling for the link shows it spammed out to Twitter as well:

Remember "if it's too good to be true...

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