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More Chinese Phishing Sites

More Chinese Phishing Sites
in a previous post, I talked about the QQ phishing sites targeting chinese users. There is another popular type of Chinese phishing: Yahoo! Auctions lotteries. Yahoo Auctions is more popular than eBay in China.
These phishing sites claim that Yahoo users have won a gift, and that they need to login with their Yahoo! Auctions credentials to claim their reward. Like the QQ Reward phishing pages, these fake sites look all the same.
Fake yahoo Auction lottery page
These sites were not flagged by Google SafeBrowsing or Phishtank. One of them, hxxp://, is now down. But others are still live: hxxp://, etc.
Languages in Phishtank
"PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet." (from their website). The site maintains a public list of phishing URLs. Since none of the Chinese phishing sites were included in Phishtank, I was wondering if the list was centered on english phishing sites only.
I used the Google Ajax Language API to verify the language of each Phishing page. 90% of the phishing pages still reachable are in English. Number 2 is French, with 6% of the list.
Languages in Clean-MX
Another public list of phishing sites is provides by It contains about 3,500 URLs versus the 250 of Phishtank.

The Clean-MX list contains 80% English phishing sites. There were only 6 Chinese pages out of 2,158. I am not aware of any public phishing list focused on Chinese language, but it would appear that one is warranted.

-- Julien

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