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Lessons for thriving - not just surviving - in the cloud

Insights from the Siemens global IT transformation

DATE: Tuesday, May 09th, 2017 | Americas - 08:30 am PDT (16:30 pm UK, 17:30 pm CET)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jay Chaudhry CEO, Chairman & Founder, Zscaler Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER: Frederik Janssen, Global Head of Service Portfolio & Lifecycle Management, IT Infrastructure, Siemens

The old world of IT is struggling to remain relevant. Your applications are in the cloud and your users are mobile, but your security appliances are still sitting at the gateways, protecting the corporate network. That’s where Siemens was in early 2015, when the organization embarked on its global IT transformation. During this webcast, you’ll hear insights from Frederik Janssen, who led the Siemens transformation journey, and Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry.

Enabling bandwidth control for cloud apps in the branch- No backhauling, no boxes!

DATE: Thursday, May 18th, 2017 | Americas - 08:30 am PDT (16:30 pm UK, 17:30 pm CET)

GUEST SPEAKER: Chandan Agarwal, Product Manager, Zscaler Inc.

HOST: Jennifer Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler Inc.

How do you prioritize applications for your branch users? What apps and services do you have accessing the Internet? How do you ensure that your network is optimized for business productivity and that your branches aren’t stuck in a traffic bottleneck?

With more traffic bound for the Internet, it is essential that organizations establish local Internet breakouts, and prioritize business apps, like Office 365, over YouTube and other recreational traffic.

Please join Chandan Agarwal, Product Manager as he discusses how local Internet breakouts and Zscaler Bandwidth Control enables you to ensure your branch traffic runs smoothly, and that you can manage, control, and allocate bandwidth to ensure that business-critical applications take priority over other traffic.

Live Demos

World class security for your growing organization:

Easy to deploy and hassle free

DATE: Thursday, April 27th, 2017 | Americas - 10:00 am PDT (18:00 pm UK, 19:00 pm CET)

More live demo sessions:

  • Thursday, April 27th, 2017 | Americas - 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. EDT)

This demo will highlight concrete security and business reasons on why moving to Zscaler's 100% Security-as-a-Service model is the only viable option to keep your growing organization and employees safe in today's social and mobile world. Read more..

Recently recorded webcasts

The Hero-Way to beat the Zero-Day

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Sutton, CISO, Zscaler Inc.

The cloud and mobility are fundamentally changing how we deliver user security. If you’ve ever wondered how to build an airtight security strategy against advanced threats in a cloud-first world, this discussion is for you. Drop in on this compelling discussion with Zscaler’s CISO on how other security companies like yours have solved the challenge of stopping advanced threats and keeping their users safe. Being the company hero and building a cloud-first IT strategy is easier than you think!


The quick and dirty on exposing your blind spots

How to identify your security vulnerabilities in seconds

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Haggai Polak, Senior Director, Product Management Zscaler, Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER: Steve Grossenbacher, Senior Manager, Product Marketing Zscaler, Inc.

Regardless of how much an organization has invested in security, gaps in your defense can still exist. Malicious websites, malware callbacks, phishing attacks, and SSL traffic all use techniques that are counting on the fact you may be running blind. Your first step in getting visibility into some of those security gaps is easier than you think.

Join Haggai Polak, Sr. Director of Product Management, Zscaler, Inc., and Steve Grossenbacher, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler, Inc., for a compleiing webcast discussing how the Security Preview tool can help you understand your security posture and close the gaps in your defenses.


Troubleshooting traffic forwarding and user authentication issues

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Matt Sidhu, Director of Customer Advocacy, Zscaler Inc.

In this webcast, we’ll explore issues that may be impacting the end-user experience, such as traffic forwarding and user authentication, as well as best practices for troubleshooting these and other issues. This webcast supports preparation for the following Zscaler certifications: ZCSP, ZCSE, ZCCA, and ZCCP.


Optimize your Office 365 Experience

How Zscaler can accelerate deployment and deliver a fast user experience

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dhawal Sharma, Director Product Management, Zscaler Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER: Gerard Festa, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Zscaler Inc.

Microsoft Office 365 was designed to be accessed directly via the Internet; Microsoft reiterated this position in its presentation, “Overcoming Network Performance Blockers for Office 365 Deployments,” at the 2016 Ignite conference. It’s no surprise, then, that deploying Office 365 in a traditional hub-and-spoke network environment can quickly lead to frustrated users, unplanned network upgrades, and delayed deployments.Join this webcast to get the first-hand experiences gained from more than 700 Office 365 deployments and how Zscaler can help accelerate deployments, simplify management, and deliver a fast user experience.


Dissecting the Latest Security Threats

Hear Zscaler ThreatLabz discuss current threat trends

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jozef Krakora, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER: Steve Grossenbacher, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler Inc.

Sophisticated, new cyberattacks are employing a range of techniques that often make them invisible to traditional security controls. In addition, the occurrence of SSL-based threats are continuing to rise. Hackers are getting more and more creative in how they deliver threats, which creates new inspection challenges. Attend this webcast to discuss the latest attack trends, and best practices you can employ within your Zscaler installation to bolster your security.


How to use bandwidth control to prioritize business apps over YouTube

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Sri Subramanian, Sr. Director of Product Management, Zscaler Inc.

GUEST SPEAKER: Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler Inc.

What does your bandwidth traffic look like? What apps and services do you have accessing the Internet? How do you ensure that your network is optimized for business productivity? With more traffic bound for the Internet, it is essential that business apps, like Office 365, are prioritized over YouTube, Spotify, and other recreational traffic like live-streaming sporting events.


Extortion and Ransomware:  What you need to know

Understand new trends around Extortion based threats and Ransomware

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Sutton, CISO, Zscaler

GUEST SPEAKER: Joseph Blankenship, Senior Analyst, Forrester

HOST: Steve Grossenbacher, Senior Product Manager, Zscaler

The business of the cyberattack has matured into a billion dollar industry. Forrester even predicts the devastating effects of a cyberbreach will lead to the failure of a Fortune 1000 company in 2017 (Predictions 2017: Cybersecurity Risks Intensify, November 2016, Forrester). Extortion based attacks like Ransomware were rampant in 2016, and in 2017 we’re seeing an explosion of new variations.  These new types of threats are even now delivered as a service and more financial driven than ever before.  Attend this session to understand how companies are being extorted with attacks like ransomware and learn strategies to safeguard your organization.


Five Things You need to Know About IT Transformation to a Cloud Enabled Enterprise

Learn from the experiences of Larry Biagini, former CTO of GE

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Larry Baigini, Chief Technology Evangelist, Zscaler

HOST: Gerry Festa, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Zscaler

The cloud is a powerful business enabler, and transitioning to top SaaS and cloud platforms can bring new agility and productivity to your business. However, such a transition significantly impacts security, network traffic flows, user experience, and cost. Industry veteran and former CTO of GE, Larry Biagini, discusses the five things he learned while leading GE’s global IT organization through a massive cloud transformation, and he’ll share the five things he wished he knew before embarking on the journey.


Combating ransomware and advanced threats

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Andy Kennedy, Sales Engineering Manager, Zscaler, Inc.

Join Andy Kennedy, Zscaler Sales Engineering Manager, for a live demonstration of the Zscaler Cloud Sandbox and Next Generation Cloud Firewall capabilities. Andy will demonstrate how the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform examines every byte of traffic that flows between your users and the Internet, combating advanced threats and ransomware, and applying a consistent security policy wherever your users may be.


Enabling the Internet-only Branch with Zscaler Cloud Firewall

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Sri Subramanian, Sr. Director of Product Management, Zscaler

HOST: Gerry Festa, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Zscaler

TARGET AUDIENCE: Zscaler customers and prospects

As a Zscaler customer, you have already made the transformational decision to move your security to the cloud. To realize the full potential of the Zscaler cloud you can route your branch office traffic locally and securely to the Internet. Local Internet breakouts will drastically improve your user experience for applications like Office 365 while reducing your MPLS costs. Learn how Zscaler Cloud Firewall delivers next generation firewall capabilities including protection for all ports and protocols, user and application awareness while leveraging your existing Zscaler security services.