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Zscaler webcasts and demos provide insight into the most topical issues around the threat landscape, cloud‑based security and access, and business transformation. Join a live webcast or a demo to ask questions directly to experts, or watch a previously recorded webcast any time. Either way, it’s free.

Recently recorded webcasts

Top 5 security predictions for 2019


KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Bil Harmer, CISO, Zscaler

As security professionals, how can we be sure that we’re ready for 2019? After the last few years, when our practices and conventions have been tested again and again, it’s a little daunting to consider what may face us in the year ahead. Will attackers set their sights on cloud apps? Will hackers join forces with organized crime? Will governments look to the private sector to deal with the skills gap? What will happen to cybersecurity budgets? Look for answers to these questions and more as Zscaler CISOs Stan Lowe and Bil Harmer present their security predictions for 2019. Join us!



Gambling on security does not pay off!

Spend 15 minutes learning to enable secure, direct-to-cloud connections

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Naresh Kumar, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler

As you embark upon your cloud transformation journey, you’ll quickly learn that traditional network security is far from a safe bet. In this 15-minute webcast, we will explore why a comprehensive security platform that can deliver identical security for all users wherever they connect is fundamental to a successful cloud-first strategy.



You can't move legacy to the cloud

Join this 15-minute webcast to see why cloud security architectures are not created equal

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Naresh Kumar, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler

To give users fast access to cloud apps, many organizations are turning to local internet breakouts. But, what is the best way to secure these direct-to-internet connections? In this 15-minute webcast, we will quickly review the challenges of virtualized appliance solutions and the ways you can best achieve the security, visibility, and control you need in your branch offices.


Kelly Services: Lessons learned from deploying a global network to support O365

How to successfully deploy Office 365 and maximize application performance

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Rob Wilber, Director, Global Networks and Telecom, Kelly services

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Shelton , Director of Product Management, Zscaler

What happens to your network architecture when you deploy Microsoft Office 365 to thousands of users around the globe? A lot. Office 365 applications place big demands on your network and there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. From Skype, to SharePoint, to Teams or OneDrive, the robust functionally of Office 365 requires new ways of thinking about your network and connectivity.  In this webcast, Robb Wilber, Director Global Networks and Telecom at Kelly Services, and Dan Shelton, Zscaler Director of Product Management, will share the lessons they learned while supporting an Office 365 deployment across a global footprint of 900 offices in 22 countries.


Deliver a Seamless and Secure Office 365 User Experience

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Shelton, Product Management , Zscaler

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Nick Fisher, Solutions Marketing, Okta

While Office 365 holds the promise of increased productivity and costs saving, migrating your IT environment to Office 365 can be a monumental task and introduce new security risks. Join Dan Shelton from Zscaler and Nick Fisher from Okta to learn how to quickly enable your workforce with Office 365 while mitigating the risks that often come with it.


Transforming the network with SD-WAN

Find out in 15 minutes what you need to secure your SD-WAN deployment

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Amit Raikar, Sr. Director of Business Development, Zscaler

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jen Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler

Are you considering an SD-WAN implementation? You’re not alone! Many organizations are turning to SD-WAN to take full advantage of SaaS, cloud applications like Office 365, and mobility. In this 15-minute webcast, we will introduce the advantages and challenges of leveraging SD-WAN, and why security is the key to successful branch and network transformation with SD-WAN.



How the World's First FedRAMP Authorized Zero Trust Cloud Solution Simplifies Remote Access

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Stephen Kovac, Vice President of Global Government and Compliance, Zscaler

GUEST SPEAKER: Lisa Lorenzin, Director, Emerging Technology Solutions, Zscaler

For years TIC and VPN were the primary solutions to optimize and standardize security for remote users looking to access agency applications. Today, the government is transforming. Apps are migrating onto the government cloud and agency workers are mobile. This uncharted territory requires agencies to rethink how to secure remote access to apps for all users, devices, and locations and do so based on zero trust.


The M&A Story: Then and Now

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Casey Lee, Director, IT Security, National Oilwell Varco

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Christopher Hines, Head of Product Marketing, Zscaler

According to Harvard Business Review, there have been more than 50,000 mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures worldwide in each of the past three years, and 2018 shows no signs of abating. While each M&A is unique, for IT, they all tell a similar, excruciating story: spend months or years converging networks and dealing with overlapping IP.

But that was then, this is now.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a global leader in oil industry equipment, has carried out more than 300 M&As over the last decade and now uses Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) to deliver zero trust security and accelerate the M&A process. Hear NOV’s director of security, Casey Lee, describe the company’s before and after story.



Get an Office 365 experience your users will love

Hear Microsoft’s guidance on how to make your network cloud-ready for Office 365

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Alex Teteris, Principal Technology Evangelist, Zscaler

Whether you’re looking to deploy Office 365 on your network, or you’ve already begun the migration, there’s one measurement of success that is paramount: user experience. In order to deliver an Office 365 application experience that delights your users, you need to understand Microsoft’s connectivity guidance.    

Join us in this webcast as we explore Microsoft’s recommendations for optimizing your network for Office 365. You’ll hear what you should avoid, how you can improve performance, and how to deliver an experience your users will love.


Three Ways Zero Trust Security Redefines Partner Access

Learn how Navigant reduced third-party risk with zero trust security

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mike Smith, IT Security Manager, Navigant Consulting Inc.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Kunal Shah, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler

One of the toughest IT challenges has been figuring out how to allow users to bring their own devices to work while maintaining the security of internal apps. It becomes even more complicated when a good chunk of users are partners, contractors, and other third parties—those who present a disproportionately high security risk.

Join a discussion with Zscaler and Navigant Consulting to discover how to resolve these challenges with Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and its new browser access capability. ZPA enables you to deliver the access users need, with the zero trust security you require.