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Zscaler webcasts and demos provide insight into the most topical issues around the threat landscape, cloud‑based security and access, and business transformation. Join a live webcast or a demo to ask questions directly to experts, or watch a previously recorded webcast any time. Either way, it’s free.

Upcoming webcasts

Maximize your cloud app control with Microsoft MCAS and Zscaler

Get complete user app visibility, control shadow it and reduce corporate risk

DATE: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 | Americas - 10:00 am PST (18:00 pm UK, 19:00 pm CET)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dhawal Sharma, Director of Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Are you using or ready to deploy Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)?  While having CASB visibility and control is key to a good cloud app strategy, it is only as good as the traffic it can see.  Zscaler and Microsoft have partnered to deliver key MCAS integrations that help you confidently embrace cloud apps and minimize the risks associated with unsanctioned apps.

Join this webcast to hear Dhawal Sharma, Director of Product Management discuss how you can leverage Zscaler’s massive cloud platform to can take your Microsoft MCAS deployment to the next level of visibility and control.

Secure Remote Access to AWS Your Users Will Love

Improve user experience and simplify your move to AWS

DATE: Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 | Americas - 10:00 am PST (18:00 pm UK, 19:00 pm CET)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Patrick Foxhoven, CIO and VP Emerging Technologies, Zscaler, Inc.

59% of enterprises are running applications in AWS and users are accessing them from outside the network. As adoption takes place incumbent technology, like the remote access VPN, provide a poor user experience and introduce additional networking and security complexity. This not only slows cloud initiatives, but frustrates users and makes life difficult for admins.

Enterprise must rethink the way they provide remote access to internal apps.


Live Demos

World class security for your growing organization:

Easy to deploy and hassle free

DATE: Thursday, March 01st, 2018 | Americas - 11:00 am PST (19:00 pm UK, 20:00 pm CET)

More live demo sessions:

  • Thursday, March 1st, 2018 | Americas - 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST)

This demo will highlight concrete security and business reasons on why moving to Zscaler's 100% Security-as-a-Service model is the only viable option to keep your growing organization and employees safe in today's social and mobile world. Read more..

Recently recorded webcasts

DNS Security, is it enough?

How to protect against DNS tunneling and other advanced threats

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Patrick Foxhoven, Chief Information Officer & Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler, Inc.

DNS security is important. But, in today’s world of dynamic cloud environments (AWS and Azure), content delivery networks (CDNs) and crowdsourced content and advertisements, looking only at the domain name is not a complete indicator of security. “Grey” domains are no longer the exception, they have become the norm. Join this webcast to explore the risks of relying on DNS-only based solutions and ways to add security to your DNS traffic without sacrificing performance or additional security insights.


Overcoming the Challenges of Architecting for the Cloud

5 key requirements for securely routing branch traffic direct to the cloud

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Steve House, Vice President, Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

The concept of backhauling traffic to a centralized datacenter worked when both users and applications resided there. But, the migration of applications from the data center to the cloud requires organizations to rethink their branch and network architectures.  What is the best approach to manage costs, reduce risk, and deliver the best user experience for all your users? Join this webcast to uncover the five key requirements to overcome these challenges and securely route your branch traffic direct to the cloud.


Slow Office 365 Deployment? Let Zscaler help you get in the fast lane!

Learn how to deliver a faster deployment and user experience

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Steve House, Vice President of Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Even with careful planning, deploying Microsoft Office 365 quickly and delivering a fast user experience can be a challenge. Many people assume their existing network is up for the task, but in reality Microsoft recommends a far different strategy. By understanding the common pitfalls of deployment and using some proper guidance, you too can put the pedal to the metal on your Office 365 installation. Your network and your users will thank you!


GDPR - are you ready?

Key steps to getting GDPR right

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Chris Hodson, Senior Director, Office of the CISO, Zscaler

GUEST SPEAKER: Julia Dönch, Lawyer, BDO Legal

In four months, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect, but how many organisations will be ready? According to Gartner, not many: “By the end of 2018, over 50% of companies affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements.”


Why SDP Replaces Remote Access VPN

Software-defined perimeter security represents the future for remote access

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Shelton, Director of Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

The software defined perimeter (SDP) is a new approach to securing access to internal applications. It relies on software, not VPN hardware appliances, to deliver zero trust access for remote users. This method allows enterprises to use a single solution standardize remote access security for all users (employees of third party) and platforms, scale them more economically while reducing the potential attack surface.

Now users can receive a cloud-like user experience, and admins remain in control of their environment.


How I survived my Office 365 deployment

Hear what it takes to deploy Office 365

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dan Shelton, Director, Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Deploying Microsoft Office 365 is unlike any other SaaS application you’ve rolled out before. Even with careful planning, things can easily go sideways. That’s why hearing firsthand what it takes to successfully deploy Office 365 in a global organization from someone who has done it is an invaluable opportunity. Join this webcast to hear all the real-life tips and tricks needed to avoid common Office 365 pitfalls within your IT organization.


Zscaler ThreatLabz dissects the latest SSL security attacks

Exposing the threats hiding in your network

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Deepen Desai, Senior Director, Security Research, Zscaler, ThreatLabz

The occurrence of SSL-based threats are continuing to rise. Hackers are getting more and more creative in how they deliver threats, which creates new inspection challenges. Attend this webcast to discuss the latest attack trends, and best practices you can employ within your Zscaler installation to bolster your security.


Zscaler Private Access for Azure

Simplifying app migration to Azure

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Patrick Foxhoven, CIO, Zscaler


The majority of enterprises are either already running applications in cloud, or plan to move applications to cloud. Now, providing a secure way for users to access these integrations has become more important than ever. Zscaler Private Access simplifies the migration to Azure, and delivers a faster, more secure way to access Azure applications. The webinar discusses why Zscaler and Azure have partnered together and how ZPA provides a seamless approach to remote access, compared to incumbent technology.


Secure remote access without the pitfalls of VPN's

Delivering the experience users demand with the security IT needs

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Denzil Wessels, Senior Director, Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Despite its notoriously poor user experience for both users and admins, the remote access VPN has remained the standard for remote access to internally managed applications. The tool, which dates back to the 1990s, extends the corporate network to users and exposes it to malware that may be running on mobile devices.


Pitfalls to avoid when deploying Office 365

Pilots may go well, but rollouts can be a different story

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dhawal Sharma, Director Product Management, Zscaler, Inc.

Microsoft Office 365 is unlike any other SaaS applications and, even with careful planning, it’s fair to say that deployments don’t always go as planned. The Zscaler cloud processes over 1.3 billion office requests daily for more than 700 customers. In working with customers and Microsoft, we’ve learned a lot of best practices and common pitfalls companies make when fully deploying Office 365. Join our webcast to learn more.