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Are you Prepared for the Cloud Tsunami?

DATE: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Punit Minocha, Vice President Business Development and Mobile Solutions, Zscaler

GUEST SPEAKER: Kamal Shah, Senior Vice President Products and Marketing, Skyhigh Networks

This webcast will cover how to transition from costly traditional appliances to rapidly deploying cloud-based solutions and eliminate risky shadow cloud services. It will also touch base on how to re-architect network infrastructure to ensure optimal user experience for Office 365.

Recently recorded webcasts

Secure Digital Business Transformation

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Sutton, CISO, Zscaler

Join this webcast to find out what every CIO or CISO should know about secure digital business transformation. This will also cover lessons learned and insights gained as a result of leading a number of Global 2000 organizations through a massive cloud transformation.

RANSOMWARE: your money or your data

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Bil Harmer, Strategist, Office of the CISO, Zscaler

Listen to this webcast to know how ransomware can impact your business and the reason of legacy security solutions’ inadequacy against such threats.

Office 365 is all the rage - but is your network ready?

GUEST SPEAKER: Manoj Apte, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Zscaler

This webcast discusses key considerations to be aware of before companies deploy Office 365 and best practices for addressing these issues using a cloud based security solution.

Insights from the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Jim Reavis, Co-Founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Atri Chatterjee, CMO, Zscaler

In this webcast, we will talk about Gartner's findings that are relevant for CISOs and CIOs and also the key considerations to make when making your next web security decision.

7 Deadly sins that get your employees infected

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Haggai Polak, Senior Director Product Management, Zscaler

Watch this webcast to know what type of employee behavior leads to risky situations and its impact on your organization’s cybersecurity. This will also cover the most effective ways to protect your employees.

Cyber Security is Now a Boardroom Agenda

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Kevin Peterson, CISSP, Director, Security & Network Transformation, Zscaler

Join this webcast to know the cyber security priorities being discussed at the boardroom level. This will also cover how to effectively engage with your peers in the boardroom, reviewing key metrics and aligning strategy with business priorities.

Stopping Zero-day Threats

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Haggai Polak, Senior Director Product Management, Zscaler

Zero-day exploit leaves NO opportunity for detection. This webcast doesn't only provide critical insights combating zero-day threats, but will also showcase a comprehensive approach in stopping them.

You’ve Been Hacked – Do You Even Know It?

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Steve House,Vice President Product Management, Zscaler

This webcast showcases some of the subtle tell-tale signs highlighting that a security breach has occurred. It will also provide insights into the mindset of today’s cyber criminals, and tools and processes needed to identify and mitigate advanced threats.

Outsmarting Hackers: Why you need a full spectrum defense

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Patrick Foxhoven, CIO and VP of Emerging Technologies, Zscaler

Traditional threat detection and defense strategies aren't enough to protect you from advanced threats. This webcast will highlight the Innovative techniques hackers are using in today's threat landscape, and the best practices approach to defending against multi-stage attacks

The next generation CISO - combatting the new security landscape

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Sutton,CISO, Zscaler

The next generation CISO is expected to provide meaningful and actionable security intelligence to board members. This webcast highlights emerging trends in cyber-security that CISO’s need to be aware of and key qualities they need to succeed in today's cyber-threat environment.