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Zscaler Sub-processors

Last Updated: December 20, 2019

Welcome to Zscaler’s Sub-Processor page where we maintain a current list of Sub-Processors authorized to process Customer Data (which may include Personal Data) for Zscaler’s services and products (the “Products”).

Zscaler performs due diligence of the security and privacy practices of its Sub-processors to ensure Sub-processors provide a level of security and privacy appropriate to their access to Customer Data (which may include Personal Data) and the scope of the services they are engaged to provide. In addition, Zscaler requires its Sub-processors to commit to written obligations regarding their security controls and protection of Personal Data.

Sub-Processor List

* In order for Zscaler or its Sub-processor(s) to respond to a Customer support ticket, the Customer would need to (1) submit a support ticket and (2) authorize Zscaler and/or its Sub-processor(s) to access Customer’s Personal Data in order to respond to the support ticket.

Requesting More Information about a Sub-processor

Please email [email protected] to receive more information on the services a Sub-processor provides to Zscaler and such Sub-processor’s security controls, including any available third party security reports or certifications.

Objecting to a Sub-Processor

After reviewing information related to a particular Sub-Processor obtained through the above link, an objection to a Sub-Processor can be made by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “Sub-Processor Objection”, including the ground(s) for the objections relating to the protection of Personal Data.