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Zscaler + SAP S/4HANA

Zscaler Private Access improves security, reduces the attack surface,
enables a better UX, and simplifies the end user complexities encountered
during an SAP migration.

Authorized for use as part of SAP HANA Cloud deployments, Zscaler Private Access uses zero trust to secure application access, streamline transformation, and modernize your application core.

Zscaler for SAP HANA Cloud delivers:

Reduced attack surface

Reduced attack

Vs. allowing full network access

Better user experience

Better user

Vs. accessing application over VPN

Vs. managing the network complexities with VPN

Simplifies and speeds
migrations to HANA Cloud

Vs. accessing application over VPN

Reduced attack surface

Public SAP URL’s offer hackers a target to attack, and VPN access to SAP exposes the entire network to threats.

ZPA for SAP HANA takes a user- and application-centric approach, thus minimizing the attack surface.

Reduced attack surface

Improved user experience

Remotely accessing SAP over a VPN creates an additional step that often impairs user experience.

ZPA improves UX by hiding authentication and access from the user, integrating seamlessly with existing IdP’s.

Zscaler’s global cloud network ensures minimal latency in rural areas, and over poor network connectivity.

I have not had many IT platforms or projects roll out where I’ve had users randomly stop me and thank me, but the ZPA roll out was one of them

Eric Fisher
Director IT Enterprise Systems, Growmark

Simplified cloud migration

ZPA dramatically reduces the network complexities associated with VPN access to SAP.

Once configured, users can be terminated from one backend, and connected to another, via a simple policy change in the admin console.

Simplified cloud migration

“I really didn’t want public interfaces to our private environment, and ZPA allowed us to do that. We’re getting a better security footprint, better visibility and we’re more compliant“

“We’re getting a better security footprint for SAP, better visibility and we’re more compliant“

“In process of moving SAP to AWS, ZPA gives us the flexibility to terminate those users wherever we need to. We can run in one region in AWS, then have those users connect seamlessly by a policy change”

Eric Fisher
Director IT Enterprise Systems

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