When your users go online, make sure your sensitive data doesn’t leak out with them

Zscaler stops data loss at the gate. (Actually, at the gateway.)


Zscaler complements your existing data loss solution for the LAN, with protection at the WAN

Zscaler’s global cloud platform sits between your users and the Internet, inspecting every byte of traffic. Because we are always inline and always blocking, Zscaler allows you to see data exfiltration attempts and stop them.


It’s so easy to intentionally or accidentally leak sensitive information through social media, webmail or cloud storage. Zscaler’s SaaS approach to data loss prevention has allowed us to monitor, define, and enforce DLP security policies to protect our most trusted assets - our customer database.
Dan Shelton, Director of Global Networks and Telecom, Kelly Services

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Data loss protection for all users and device types, including SSL-encrypted traffic

Most businesses have built strong perimeters to keep attackers out, and some have created controls for data inside the network. Many have deployed data loss prevention (DLP) infrastructures within their LAN, to ensure that sensitive data is accessed only by authorized users. Most struggle, however, to ensure that protected information does not flow out via cloud storage, file sharing sites, blogs, webmail, social networks, IM, and more. Between unintentional user actions, truly malicious activities, and simple lack of awareness, your sensitive data may be flying out onto the Internet.

Zscaler’s cloud security platform sits between the user and the Internet, inspecting every byte of traffic. Our DLP functionality is in the perfect place to provide protection across all users and device types, including transaction content and SSL-encrypted or compressed traffic. You can take advantage of our standard DLP dictionaries to create general policies, as well as add your own specific terms and phrases to get granular. And you retain complete control over which traffic to inspect, so you can secure your company’s private information without violating users’ privacy.


Zscaler delivers a single, unified console to create, manage and
report on DLP policies across your entire global organization

Ensure compliance with local and regional regulations by setting different policies for different employee populations based in different locations.

Custom or pre-defined dictionaries

By URL category

By location

By user/group/department

By location

Zscaler data loss prevention policy overview


Real-time reporting allows you to drill down into possible DLP incidents

Investigate which content has triggered a dictionary rule.

Zscaler real-time reporting drill down into possible DLP incidents



  • Create granular policy controls based on included DLP dictionaries.
  • Easily create custom definitions that you can tailor for your industry and propagate through the Zscaler cloud in minutes.
  • See the actions of all users from all locations and devices. Even if, in this Internet of Things world, the “user” is your copier.
  • Comply with regulations—ensure industry, statutory, and regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, PCI, and EU Data Privacy, with detailed logs accessible in real time, and get a head start on audits by showing proactive due diligence.


The Zscaler difference

  • Cloud-based platform requires no hardware and no software, anywhere.
  • Prevent data exfiltration at the same time that you secure traffic, via an integrated platform.

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in real time, providing comprehensive protection

Zscaler cloud security platform

Zscaler cloud security platform

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