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Get data loss prevention that protects all of your users all of the time

Policies follow users on and off the network to close the gaps in your protection

Data loss prevention has become more difficult

Your data is exposed to more risks than ever

Between a lack of awareness, unintentional user actions, system glitches, and increasingly sophisticated malicious activities, you run the risk of your sensitive data being exposed—and that can cause a range of problems, from fines to customer loss, legal ramifications, and damage to your company’s brand.

IT transformation has affected your visibility

Applications have moved to the cloud and users have left your network, connecting direct-to-cloud. That creates a significant blind spot, as users bypass gateway security controls, allowing sensitive information to flow out of your network—or when that data is hidden in SSL traffic that you can’t fully inspect.

You are mandated by compliance requirements

Various data protection regulations—PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR—require you to put measures in place that protect sensitive information on your network and prevent it from being exposed to unauthorized parties.

With Zscaler DLP, you can close your security gaps, regardless of where users connect or where applications are hosted without appliances.
Zscaler inspects all your traffic inline, including SSL, and gives you the protection and visibility you’ve been missing

Close the gaps in your data protection strategy with Zscaler Cloud DLP

Protect your data

Protect personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI), and intellectual property from loss with advanced features such as Exact Data Match (EDM), machine learning, and granular policies for optimal protection.

Illuminate your blind spots

Zscaler Cloud DLP policy follows your users on-network and off, always protecting you against data loss. Zscaler inspects all your traffic inline, including SSL, and gives you the protection and visibility you’ve been missing.

Be compliant

The Zscaler cloud security platform was built with compliance in mind, offering you an essential tool for complying with all major regulations. Leverage the built-in dictionaries and engines to make data protection painless.

Zscaler Cloud DLP benefits

Identical protection on-network or off

Provide the same level of security to all your users by moving your data security to the cloud. Zscaler sits between your users and the applications they are connecting to. Cloud DLP policy follows users where they work—on- or off-network—and provides the same level of protection to all users at all times.

Full SSL inspection of all traffic

Don’t settle for partial inspection of your traffic. Around 70% of outbound traffic is encrypted and thus not subject to inspection by traditional DLP solutions. With Zscaler, there are no capacity constraints for enabling SSL interception at scale. Zscaler is a proxy by design, performing SSL inspection on all traffic, without the inspection limitations of appliances.

Elastic scale with inline enforcement

Make prevention, not remediation, your number-one priority. Zscaler is architected to sit inline, so it can block sensitive information before it leaves your network—instead of being limited to damage control after data has been compromised. The Zscaler security architecture was built in the cloud from the ground up and the service is user-based, not capacity-based, allowing your Cloud DLP inspection to scale elastically with performance guaranteed by SLAs.

Fully integrated platform service

Roll out DLP in minutes, not months. No architectural changes are needed to implement Cloud DLP because it is part of the Zscaler Security Platform, a fully integrated security stack as a service. Zscaler eliminates redundancies of managing various appliances, reducing the resources needed to stand up and maintain point products.

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Steptoe & Johnson LLP uses Zscaler Cloud DLP to protect sensitive information and client data
that is subject to various compliance requirements

Is your data loss prevention solution effective? Find out
with Zscaler Security Preview.

Improve incident detection with Exact Data Match (EDM)

With Zscaler EDM, you can fingerprint and match up to one billion cells of your unique sensitive data inline. Those fingerprints will be stored in the Zscaler cloud to give you the ability to stop data loss globally and at scale. EDM dramatically increases your detection accuracy of exfiltration attempts. Instead of spending your time combing through your incident notifications and looking for the needle in the haystack, you can now focus on the remediation of actual data loss incidents.

Zscaler EDM dramatically increases your detection accuracy of exfiltration attempts
Set up EDM in minutes:
  1. Download the Zscaler Index Tool.
  2. Import a CSV file with your data.
  3. The Index Tool hashes the data and stores it as an EDM template in the Zscaler cloud. Your plain text data never leaves your premises.
  4. In your UI, apply the EDM template to policy
Zscaler DLP provides a comprehensive, easy to manage, cost-effective solution that prevents data loss

Ensure compliance with granular policy controls

Maximize your data protection even as you maintain compliance with industry mandates, such as HIPAA, as well as data privacy regulations like GDPR. Leveraging an extensive feature set, including EDM, machine learning, file type control, and granular policy that follows the user, Cloud DLP simplifies compliance with regional regulations.

Zscaler real-time reporting drill down into possible DLP incidents

Investigate data loss incidents in real time

With Zscaler Cloud DLP, you can instantly analyze and report on any compliance concern. With visibility into each DLP violation, you can customize your notification workflow and reporting. Zscaler Nanolog Streaming Service (NSS) can also forward logs in real time to your third-party DLP solution via secure ICAP, or feed into your SIEM to integrate with your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) workflows—buying you crucial time for analysis and remediation of data loss incidents.

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