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Advanced Threat and Risk Correlation

Identify, prioritize, and remediate cloud security risks with Posture Control™


Public cloud deployments are growing—attack surfaces are, too

Automation is accelerating innovation for defenders and attackers alike. Managing risk in this environment can be a struggle—especially if your organization still relies on an ecosystem of 50 or more individual cloud and security point products with disconnected metrics.

To see the bigger picture, your SecOps team needs a single, centralized risk management platform with effective threat correlation that analyzes your entire multicloud estate.


Advanced threat and risk correlation with Posture Control

Empower your SecOps to effortlessly visualize, analyze, and remediate critical risks across your entire cloud environment.

Posture Control aggregates and transforms security data into meaningful insights to uncover hidden risks or attack vectors that could lead to a compromise or breach. Risk-based prioritization and near-real-time alerts enable your security team to focus on what matters most, addressing the biggest risks to your organization rather than juggling hundreds of low-risk issues.

Reduce manual decision-making and work more efficiently in dynamic, automated cloud environments
Speed up investigations and correlate threats across multiple critical policy engines
Query information, run-policies-and-correlate-findings-with-ease
Query information, run policies, and correlate findings with ease

Posture Control is a comprehensive cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) that secures cloud infrastructure, sensitive data, and native applications across multicloud environments while reducing complexity and enabling your security team to collaborate effectively with development and DevOps.

Why Zscaler

Why Zscaler advanced threat and risk correlation?

To reduce risk in today's cloud infrastructure, native applications, and confidential data, you need a comprehensive approach with enhanced visibility and context. The Zscaler ThreatLabz research team has unique insight into trends that pose real risk to your business.

Enhanced visibility

Get real-time visibility into assets, accounts, exploitable vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and more with powerful visualizations of likely attack progression.

Near-real-time alerts

Speed up investigations with rapid alerts that provide rich security incident context, enabling security analysts to swiftly respond and limit the potential impact.

Connecting the dots

Effortlessly correlate seemingly low-risk weaknesses and events to uncover hidden risks or attacks underway.

Accelerated response

Minimize incident response times with step-by-step guided remediation, consistent collaboration, and easy cross-team coordination.

Actionable insights

Filter out the noise and gain actionable intel across the security stack, tracking the attack life cycle as well as prioritizing incidents based on risk and severity.

Compliance assurance

Easily address risks and noncompliance issues to meet regional and industry mandates as well as avoid financial risks like penalties and reputational damage.

Use Cases

Greater productivity and intel, less risk

Transform raw data into insights to effectively prioritize risk across your cloud estate.

Prevent exposures

Block known avenues of attack with near-real-time analytics and insights for more effective risk mitigation.

Get adaptive risk intel

Leverage historical and current cloud infrastructure data to create intel that will help detect critical risks and block potential attacks.

Profile risks

Automatically group related threat signals into insights instead of overwhelming your team with hundreds or thousands of isolated events.

Improve productivity

Automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks—deep risk assessment, investigation and response, etc.—that slow your SecOps team down.

How It Works

How It Works

Discover: Acquire data from multiple sources

Posture Control automates collection, ingestion, and analysis of application, infrastructure, and security data to derive actionable insights within minutes.

Analyze: Understand critical risk with rich context

Posture Control filters raw data into intelligent insights, generating powerful visualizations of existing and potential risks with relevant context.

Prioritize: Focus on risks with the highest business impact

Posture Control delivers insights with rich context to uncover and prioritize high-risk attack vectors to maximize your cybersecurity team’s efficiency.

Respond: Reduce risk by remediating errors and exposures

Posture Control offers rapid alerts and recommended remediation from cloud security experts, so your SecOps team can focus on responding to the most critical risks.

Risk Management Simplified

Decode weak signals to uncover hidden risk

Reduce risk

Minimize the likelihood of a breach with superior risk identification and correlation

Deploy in minutes

Secure workloads and data across multicloud environments with an API-based, agentless approach

Reduce complexity

Eliminate security point products, reduce management complexity, and simplify operations

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