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Zscaler for Users - Essentials

Network and security administrators, engineers, and architects

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Zscaler for Users – Essentials is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Zscaler for Users solution as well as help you deploy and provision the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ .

Learning Outcomes
Deploy the Zero Trust Exchange platform
Get an overview of the Zero Trust Exchange and key use cases for adopting Zscaler for Users
Begin securing user-device-to-internet traffic
Configure the basic functions of Zscaler Internet Access, Zscaler Private Access, and Zscaler Digital Experience
Explore Zero Trust Exchange services and capabilities, including connectivity, platform, access control, cybersecurity, data protection, and digital experience

course outline

Zero Trust Exchange Overview

The Need for Digital Transformation

Secure Internet and SaaS Access

Secure Private App Access

Digital Experience Monitoring

Quick Start Guide

Three Products, One Solution

Getting Started with Zscaler Internet Access

Getting Started with Zscaler Private Access

Getting Started with Zscaler Digital Experience

E-Lab 1: Quick Start Guide

Lab 1.1 - ZIA

  • View Administrator and Role Management
  • View Authentication Mechanism
  • View the URL Filtering Policy
  • View the Hosted PAC File

Lab 1.2: ZPA

  • View Administration Control
  • View Identity Provider (IdP) Configuration
  • View Timeout Policy
  • View the Application Segment

Lab 1.3: ZDX

  • View Administrator Management
  • View Configured Applications
  • View Device Inventory
  • View Alerts


Identity Services

Connecting to an Identity Provider

SAML Authentication

SCIM Authorization

E-Lab 2: Identity Services

  • Log In to ZIA Admin Portal
  • Log In to IdP Admin Portal

Connectivity Services

Zscaler Client Connector

Connectivity Services–Zscaler Client Connector Overview

Connectivity Services–Client Connector Features & Functionality

Connectivity Services–Installing Zscaler Client Connector

App Connectors

E-Lab 3: Connectivity Services

  • Explore Zscaler Client Connector
  • Log In to Zscaler Client Connector UI
  • Explore App Connectors

Platform Services

What Are Zscaler Platform Services?

Device Posture

TLS Inspection

Deploying TLS Inspection

Policy Framework

Policy for Internet Access

Policy for Private Access

Policy for Zscaler Digital Experience

Zscaler Digital Experience

Introduction to ZDX

ZDX Score

ZDX Architecture Overview

ZDX Features and Functionality

ZDX Use Cases

Access Control Services

The Challenge of Legacy Firewalls

Cloud App Control/App FIltering 

Url Filtering

File Type Control


Bandwidth Control

Microsoft 365

Segmentation and Conditional Access Through Policies

Cyberthreat Protection Services

What Is Cybersecurity?

Advanced Threat Protection

Antivirus / Malware Protection

Detection and Response

E-Lab 4: Cybersecurity Services

  • Test Cyber Risk Posture on Unprotected Device
  • Connect to the Zero Trust Exchange
  • Test Cyber Risk Posture on a Protected Device

Data Protection Services

What Is Zscaler Data Protection?

Inline Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Secure SaaS and BYOD

Out-of-Band Data Protection and SSPM

E-Lab 5: Data Protection

  • Log In to Zscaler Client Connector
  • Enforce Policy Based on File Type and Context

hands-on lab details


Zscaler for Users - Essentials E-Learning


The Zscaler For Users - Essentials (EDU-200) lab helps students practice the skills they learned in the Zscaler for Users - Essentials (EDU-200) e-learning portion.


1 day | 8 hours


Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Completion criteria

Complete all lab exercises

Available language(s)


Price per seat

US$1,200 (4 credits)

Lab Outline

Connecting to the Virtual Lab

  1. Lab Topology
  2. Admin Portal Access
  3. Login Details
  4. Azure AD Join Windows PC

Verify No Protection

Traffic Forwarding: Zscaler Client Connector

Configuring Forwarding Options

Configure Service Entitlement

Download the Zscaler Client Connector

Install the Zscaler Client Connector from the CLI with Install Options

Login to the Zscaler Client Connector and Verify Protection

Policy: SSL Inspection

Enabling SSL Inspection for All Destinations

Enabling an SSL Exemption

Policy: Configuring Access Control Policies

Configuring URL Filtering Rule

Configuring Cloud App Control

Provision ZPA Infrastructure

Provision an App Connector

Activate the App Connector

Troubleshooting App Connector Enrollment

Add an Application

Add the Intranet Application

Add an Access Policy for the Intranet Application

Review Troubleshooting Information for the Intranet Application

Discover Corporate Applications

Configure Application Discovery

Discover Applications

Configure Corporate Applications

Add Defined Applications

Create Active Directory Segment

Create File Share Segment

Create RDP Application Segment

Active Directory Domain discovery

Test Remote Application Access

Configuring Cloud Applications Monitoring

Enable Predefined Applications

Configure a Custom Application

Create a Custom Probe

Cybersecurity Lab

View Content Filtering Controls

Test End User Experience with Content Filtering

Data Protection Lab

Prevent Unauthorized Exfiltration of Customer Records Using Exact Data Match (EDM)

Certificate Exam details


Zscaler for Users - Essentials E-Learning; ILT Lab


90 minutes

Test format

50 Multiple Choice, Scenarios with Graphics, and Matching type of questions

Available language(s)


Price per attempt

US$300 (1 credit)

Earn Your Certificate

How do I earn the certificate?
You have two options:

  • Complete the EDU-200 e-learning content and hands-on lab, and pass the exam. 
  • Take the three-day instructor-led EDU-200 course (lectures and lab), and pass the exam.

How long will my certificate remain valid?
Zscaler for Users - Essentials certificate is valid for two years from the date earned.

How do I renew my Zscaler for Users - Essentials certificate?
You must pass the exam again to renew your certification. You will receive recertification instructions via email 30 and 60 days before your certificate expires.

How do I access my certificates to share with my company or on LinkedIn?
To access your certificates, click your profile image in the top right corner and select “My Profile”. In the Registrations section, you’ll see completed courses and be able to click View Certificate to download or Add to Profile to share to LinkedIn.

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