A View of the Web from an Enterprise
End-User's Perspective

By Zscaler | ThreatLabZ
State of the Web | Quarter 1, 2012

Get valuable insights into the Internet usage and security trends for Q1 2012, including 7 key trends discovered by Zscaler’s security division ThreatLabZ. These insights were based on analysis from billions of web transactions, millions of end-points, and data from over 180 countries.

Download this FREE report to gain insight into usage and security threats including:

  • Facebook traffic is on the decline (and what is taking its place)
  • Analysis of the Zulu service crowdsourcing results (and why 9.55% of sites cause havoc)
  • Top 3 (non-work) sites your users are probably browsing (right now)
  • Top 3 threats your users face (on the Web)
  • Mobile device browsing trends (and who is winning, iOS or Android)
  • The 9 most common browser plugins (and which are the most insecure)
  • The LizaMoon injection threat (and how it increased by nearly 100%
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