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Cloud Firewall

Secure, adaptive protection for web and non-web traffic. All users and devices, all ports and protocols, all the time.


Zscaler Firewall safeguards web and non-web traffic for all users, applications, and locations with the industry’s most comprehensive cloud native zero trust platform.

Why Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

Only a cloud-delivered firewall can deliver zero trust

Firewalls and VPNs valiantly protected networks and users when the perimeter was well-defined. But in today’s cloud- and mobile-first world—where nearly all internet traffic is encrypted—network-centric security cannot dynamically adapt and enforce policies based user context and risk and device posture. Simply, traditional and next-generation firewalls fall short at protecting work-from-anywhere users, cloud apps, and distributed data.

Move beyond legacy architecture with Zscaler Firewall

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Get infinite scalability and unbeatable performance

Stay safe from threats

Uncover stealthy attacks with complete and unlimited inspection of traffic—including TLS/SSL—and proactively block malicious domains for all users while detecting and preventing DNS tunneling.

Centralize policy management for all users and traffic

Universally configure, manage, and enforce user- and app-aware threat protection and risk-based policies from a single console.

Seamlessly connect to your favorite SaaS applications

Provide users with cloud-delivered, bandwidth-prioritized local internet breakouts to Microsoft 365, Zoom, and other business applications.

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Dramatically reduce cost and complexity

Replace costly and inefficient security appliances with a cloud native zero trust platform that elastically scales to handle high volumes of long-lived connections without compromising performance.


How Zscaler Firewall is different

Traffic inspection

Terminate malicious connections and prevent threats with unlimited inline traffic inspection and native TLS/SSL decryption.

Bandwidth control

Prioritize business-critical apps, provide a better user experience, reduce costs, and simplify IT with cloud-delivered bandwidth control.

Secure work-from-anywhere users

Leverage unparalleled user- and app-aware threat protection with dynamic, follow-me policies on and off the corporate network.

Wildcard domains

Create flexible access policy to cloud services and PaaS/IaaS with centralized policy management.

Advanced attack detection

Quickly identify and intercept evasive and encrypted cyberthreats hiding in traffic on nonstandard ports.

Cloud-secured internet breakouts

Scale fast and secure direct-to-internet connections elastically for all hybrid and branch traffic to improve user experiences.

Always-on cloud IPS and custom signatures

Enrich SecOps workflows with adaptive behavioral IPS signatures, including custom signatures, that work in real time and are easily shared.

DNS performance and security

Sustain superior performance and keep your users and endpoints safe from malicious sites with localized resolutions and DNS tunneling.

Cloud-delivered protection

Get unmatched security and user experiences, fully integrated with Zscaler Internet Access™ and the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™.

Use cases

A complete platform to serve your whole organization

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Bring security as close to the user as possible, delivering user- and app-aware threat protection and risk-based policies with the cloud effect for consistent, identical protection from anywhere and on any device.

Employees working from a branch office

Apply adaptive, risk-based policies from a centralized console that can terminate malicious connections.

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Safeguard cloud resources, detect anomalies, and dynamically assess risk computation for user, device, and location.

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Achieve faster resolution by pairing geographically local apps, driving better user experience and cloud app performance while implementing DNS security and control policies.

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Retail & Wholesale / 21,000 employees / 360 locations

Secure your cloud transformation

“The visibility and control offered by Zscaler allows us to make smart policy decisions that improve our users’ experiences while allowing us to ensure we are appropriately managing our risk environment.”

—Ken Athanasiou, CIO, AutoNation

Our Platform

Experience the power of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

A comprehensive cloud platform eliminates point products and reduces operational overhead.

Our platform

Securely connect authorized users, devices, and workloads using business policies

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Schedule a custom demo

See for yourself how Zscaler Firewall extends zero trust to your hybrid workforce, cloud apps, and distributed data at infinite scale.