Secure, Adaptive Zero Trust Protection for All Internet Traffic

Zscaler Firewall safeguards internet traffic for all users, applications, and locations with the industry’s most comprehensive cloud native security service edge (SSE) platform

New Enhancements


Custom IPS signatures

Custom IPS signatures

Create custom IPS signatures and easily deploy using Snort syntax to detect and prevent unique, targeted threats


Security for work-from-anywhere

Security for work-from-anywhere

Leverage unparalleled user- and app-aware threat protection with dynamic, follow-me policies on and off the corporate network

Zscaler-CFW-cloud intrusion-prevention-system

Wildcard domains

Wildcard domains

Create flexible access policy to cloud services and PaaS/IaaS with centralized policy management

Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge

Zscaler: A Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge (SSE)

Positioned Highest in the Ability to Execute

Traditional and next-generation firewalls can’t deliver zero trust


Legacy firewalls are costly and complex to maintain

Deploying physical and virtualized stacks of firewall appliances on-premises at every branch and edge location is prohibitively expensive. Device sprawl makes policy management inconsistent and error prone.


Traditional firewall rules fail to protect hybrid workers

Employees are working from anywhere and everywhere—in home offices, shared workspaces, and beyond. Unfortunately, inconsistent firewall policies that don't follow users lead to increased risk when connecting over public networks.


Backhauling traffic leads to poor user experience

Backhauling or hairpinning users’ internet- and SaaS-bound traffic to a data center via VPN and other network-centric tools for inspection creates connectivity bottlenecks, introduces latency, and degrades performance.


Choosing the wrong firewall can result in breaches

Selecting and sizing firewalls is based on branch size or bandwidth needs, and in a passthrough architecture, inconsistent policies across locations and users can end up compromising your network.

Check your attack surface, find out what attackers see

Request an in-depth attack surface analysis to see what apps and services you have exposed to the internet, vulnerable to attacks.


Why Zscaler Firewall?

Zscaler Firewall enables fast, secure on- and off-network connections and local internet breakouts for all your user traffic, without any hardware or software to manage.

Purpose-built for today's digital world, our cloud-delivered firewall ensures you can securely access the internet and handle all web and non-web traffic, across all ports and protocols, with infinite elastic scalability and unbeatable performance. Your users get consistent protection no matter what device they’re using or where they are—at home, the office, HQ, or on the road.

Experience your network and the internet, secured.


Powered by an adaptive zero trust platform

Stop compromising for static inspections and capacity limits with unlimited inline traffic inspection and native SSL decryption built on a fully integrated, cloud native platform that scales with your business needs.


Transformative hybrid and branch connections

Evolve from costly and network-centric infrastructure to true cloud-delivered local internet breakouts, improving user experience with consistently fast and secure connections on all ports and protocols.


Ubiquitous security for modern workforces

Experience unparalleled protection and dynamic, follow-me policies on and off the corporate network, powered by real-time security updates informed by 300 trillion daily signals and shared across the entire cloud each day.


Easy-to-understand policy management

Meet regulatory standards within a few clicks while universally configuring, managing, and enforcing user- and app-aware threat protection and risk-based policies to ensure network and application visibility.

Zscaler Firewall key differentiators


Full protection for work-from-anywhere users

Dynamic risk-based security policies follow your users everywhere without a complex matrix of policy and network configurations. 


Full inspection to find hidden attacks

Unlimited inline traffic inspection and native SSL decryption terminate malicious connections and prevent threats.


Catch stealthy techniques on non-standard ports

Quickly identify and intercept evasive and encrypted cyberthreats hiding in traffic on non-standard ports.


Cloud-delivered local internet breakouts

Fast and secure direct-to-internet connections for all hybrid and branch traffic scale elastically and improve user experience.

Zscaler-CFW-cloud intrusion-prevention-system

Always-on cloud intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Adaptive behavioral IPS signatures, managed by Zscaler ThreatLabz, work in real time and are easy to share to enrich SecOps workflows.


Secure DNS without compromised performance

Localized resolutions sustain superior performance while your users and endpoints stay safe from malicious sites and DNS tunneling. 


Cloud-delivered protection with global edge presence

Zscaler Firewall provides unmatched security and user experience, fully integrated with Zscaler Internet Access™ and the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™. 


Built from the ground up for SSE

The Zero Trust Exchange is the world's only cloud native SSE platform built on a zero trust architecture, offering:

Fast, secure access to any app: Connect from any device or location through the world’s leading SWG coupled with the industry’s most deployed zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution and integrated CASB.

Unrivaled security: Gain superior security outcomes with the only SSE offering built on a holistic zero trust platform, fundamentally different from legacy network security solutions.

Exceptional user experience: Optimize digital experiences with a direct-to-cloud architecture that ensures the shortest path between users and their destination coupled with end-to-end visibility into app, cloud path, and endpoint performance to proactively solve IT tickets.


“The next gen firewall capabilities are actually a core requirement. It was one of the primary considerations in selecting Zscaler. We hadn't found in any of the other cloud services that actually had a full protocol next gen capability.”

Getting started with our cloud-delivered firewall is simple

Zscaler Firewall provides unmatched security with zero hardware to deploy or manage. Using the internet as your new corporate network with Zscaler, you’ll immediately gain unrivaled security with a superior user experience. Turn on the security services you need now, and seamlessly add more functionality as your demands grow or you phase out legacy appliances.


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