Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Improve your overall security and compliance posture with a unified platform that identifies and remediates cloud misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across all major public cloud providers.

Configuration errors: the biggest threat to public cloud security

As you adopt multicloud environments and cloud native services, navigating hundreds of evolving services and platforms, it can be difficult to understand which of the thousands of configuration options create risk. Shared security responsibilities, lack of visibility, and the general complexity of the cloud all make it harder to secure deployed assets and resources with the correct configurations.

It's no wonder nearly all successful attacks on cloud services result from customer mistakes, not weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the services or their infrastructure.

A single configuration error can expose sensitive data and escalate into a serious security issue with legal and financial implications. Cloud service or application misconfigurations can leave your organization vulnerable to attack and severely impact your overall security posture.

What’s driving the need for a CSPM solution?

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Complex-security-governance

Complex governance

Inconsistent security tooling and baselining across software development lifecycles and multiple clouds make security governance challenging

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Data-exposure

Data exposure

Cloud app misconfiguration is one of the most common causes of data exposure, costing organizations time, money, and reputation

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Compliance-violations

Compliance violations

Application deployment and use are spread across locations and groups, making unified assurance a complex, time-consuming process

“Security and risk management leaders should invest in cloud security
posture management (CSPM)
 processes and tools to proactively identify 
and remediate cloud security risks.”


Cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Continuous cloud security and compliance assurance

CSPM policies are built natively into Posture Control by Zscaler, a comprehensive cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) that identifies, prioritizes, and remediates risk in cloud infrastructure and native applications deployed across multicloud environments.

CSPM proactively identifies and remediates misconfigurations in IaaS and PaaS to reduce risk and ensure compliance across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and maintain a sound security posture. It supports security and compliance efforts with the broadest coverage of pre-built policies mapped across compliance standards and security best practices. It helps security teams enforce guardrails for secure, compliant deployments that improve DevOps efficiency.


What can CSPM do for you?


Secure multicloud infrastructure

Secure multicloud infrastructure

Gain comprehensive visibility and control over public cloud resources and services to simplify compliance, governance, and security monitoring 


Enforce built-in best practices

Enforce built-in best practices

Benchmark cloud configurations against the most popular industry and regulatory frameworks and apply consistent best practices, customize policies to unify security across multicloud environments, and scale compliance efforts


Remediate critical risks

Remediate critical risks

Identify, prioritize, and remediate critical misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and policy violations to secure cloud resources and services


Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

Easily integrate with DevOps and security tools to identify, prioritize, and respond to critical risks through alerts, workflows, and guided remediation

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Compliance-Assurance

CSPM compliance assurance

It can be daunting to achieve and maintain compliance as industry regulations shift. CSPM delivers unified visibility and control with a dedicated compliance dashboard and ensures your cloud infrastructure complies with specific or custom industry benchmarks, all while helping you maintain a sound cloud security posture.

CSPM helps you enforce compliance with pre-built or custom frameworks covering multiple industry standards, regulations, and best practices mapped to relevant controls with various cloud services. These capabilities enable governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) teams to assess security gaps and remediate compliance violations effectively.

Key benefits of Posture Control for CSPM

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Cloud-asset

Cloud asset inventory and search

Gain comprehensive visibility and control of assets deployed across AWS, Azure, and GCP (e.g., configurations, IAM roles, security groups, shared storage, databases, serverless, containers)

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Secure-multicloud-infrastructure

Risk-based prioritization

Prioritize, focus, and fix critical security risks and violations before they’re exploited

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Remediate-iolations

Remediate violations

Leverage guided or automatic remediation to mitigate misconfigurations and violations

image of Zscaler-CSPM-best-practices

Compliance assurance

Automatically validate configurations against pre-built, mapped industry best practices and compliance frameworks or industry-specific custom frameworks

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Alert-integrations

Alert integrations (ServiceNow, JIRA, Splunk, etc.)

Easily configure near-real-time, automatically prioritized alerts for policy violations and insecure deployments with detailed recommendations and remediation guidance

image of Zscaler-CSPM-Secure-multicloud-infrastructure

Secure DevOps

Seamlessly integrate with DevOps tools, continuously monitor and enforce security and compliance checks, and identify and remediate misconfigurations and insecure deployments in DevOps and infrastructure as code processes

Learn more about Posture Control

Posture Control by Zscaler is a comprehensive CNAPP that secures cloud infrastructure, sensitive data, and native applications deployed across multicloud environments while reducing complexity and enabling effective collaboration between security, development, and DevOps teams.

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