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Zscaler Joins JCDC to Enhance Collective Cybersecurity Posture of U.S.

December 19, 2022 - 2 min read

Actionable intelligence is critical to effectively combat cyber threats. It also requires a proactive, real-time collaboration between both public and private sectors. As part of our ongoing commitment to operational collaboration, I am pleased to announce that Zscaler has joined the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC).

Established by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), JCDC leads the development and implementation of joint cyber defense plans and operations with partners from the private sector and government. Through this joint effort to understand and respond to threats, JCDC strengthens our collective ability to address immediate and impending cyber incidents. 

Zscaler has unique insights into cyber threat trends from how we secure more than 270 billion transactions per day through the world’s largest security cloud. Our global research team identifies threats, their countries of origin, target destinations, and volumes, as well as threat categories and specific family names. ThreatLabz team actively tracks various threat actor groups behind the scenes keeping up with their tools, techniques, and procedures as well as Command and Control infrastructure to develop effective countermeasures. Zscaler will contribute this expertise to help JCDC and its members expand situational awareness and understanding for cyber defense against some of the most advanced threats.

Zscaler also shares its research and cloud data with the industry at large to help promote a safer internet. Our ThreatLabz research team publishes reports on a variety of topics from the state of ransomware, data loss and phishing to real-time dashboards on ISP incidents, encrypted traffic and a global threat map. 

Just yesterday, we published our annual State of Encrypted Attacks Report, which found that more than 85% of attacks now use encrypted channels, with malware topping attacks in 2022. The research leveraged insights from more than 300 trillion daily signals and 260 billion daily transactions in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange. This type of research helps keep our customers, partners and the cyber community informed on the state of current threats seen through the volume of traffic the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange processes every minute. 

Zscaler’s participation in JCDC continues and builds on our commitment to public-private intelligence collaboration to keep people, organizations and their data safe from cyber threat actors.

More information on our federal solutions can be found here.


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