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New Zscaler Zero Trust Innovations - Learn How You Can Secure Your Cloud Workloads


Zscaler, the leader in zero trust security, is excited to announce an upcoming exclusive event that will showcase new innovations that will enable customers to securely protect their multicloud workloads with ease.

Join us November 8, 2023 to hear from Jay Chaudhry, Founder and CEO of Zscaler, along with other Zscaler product leaders and customers, as they reveal these new zero trust innovations for Workload Communications.

Securing cloud workloads and applications is a top concern for all organizations. As more organizations migrate their existing workloads to the cloud or create new cloud-based workloads, the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches grows in lockstep. In fact, in a recent cloud security study by Thales Group, 39% of respondents stated they had experienced a data breach in the last year. 

Zscaler is making it a priority to deliver a comprehensive zero trust security platform that secures not only users but also enterprise workloads and applications. With this launch, Zscaler is bringing new innovations that will radically simplify cloud workload security for all organizations.

The innovations discussed during this event will center around how customers can:

  • Elevate cloud workload security to zero trust principles
  • Simplify multicloud workload connectivity at scale
  • Deploy security at cloud speed

Protecting your enterprise against modern cyberthreats is more important than ever. With these exciting innovations, customers will bolster their security by eliminating the network attack surface, stopping lateral threat movement, avoiding workload compromise, and preventing sensitive data loss.

Clear your calendar and register here for this exciting event today!

You can also learn more about how you can secure your cloud workloads here

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