Embrace zero trust to secure workload communications with any destination—without the complexity of VPNs and firewalls.

Extend zero trust to secure cloud workloads communications

Secure workload-to-internet and workload-to-workload communications across clouds, simply and cost-effectively.

Zscaler uses the Zero Trust Exchange to securely connect workloads to any destination—the internet, a workload in another cloud or data center, across cloud regions, inside availability zones, and even IoT telemetry to the cloud and data center—all using simple business policies.

Zero Trust Exchange diagram

Cloud connectivity for the broadest range of use cases

Zscaler extends zero trust connectivity to cloud workloads, giving organizations unparalleled flexibility in connecting applications across any environment with confidence.

Workload to internet

to internet

Workloads need to connect to the internet, but firewalls are not an effective way to stop threats or prevent data loss. Using Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA), workloads can securely connect to the internet while remaining invisible to the outside world. ZIA policies for threat prevention, DLP, and access are now applied to workloads.

Workload to workload 
across clouds

Workload to workload

across clouds

Workloads in one public cloud can now securely communicate with any cloud, public or private. Communications across VPCs, zones, and regions on the same cloud are supported. There’s no need for VPNs or complex, bespoke cloud routing, which add risk and complexity. Workloads use Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) policies for access and security.

Data center workloads 
to cloud

Data center workloads 

to cloud

Hybrid networking across multicloud environments is complex and it expand the attack surface. Zscaler dramatically simplifies connectivity while securing it with ZIA or ZPA, depending on the destination. Security policies are standardized, VPNs are eliminated, and there’s no more complex networking. 


The need to transform from legacy networking to modern cloud connectivity

Overcome the limitations of full-mesh VPNs and WAN extensions, which expand the attack surface, allow threats to move laterally and increase operational complexity.

Eliminate the attack surface

Connect workloads directly to each other instead of legacy approaches that connect networks together,  increasing the risk of lateral threat movement from one network to another.

Eliminate the attack surface

Prevent lateral movement of threats across environments

Simplify workload connectivity

Modern connectivity works in hybrid cloud environments while avoiding the complexity of legacy networking, firewalls, and VPNs that require constant oversight and manual effort.

Simplify workload connectivity

Avoid the complexity of legacy network and VPN architectures

Reduce costs

Legacy appliance-based networking products and over-provisioning services increase deployment and operational costs. Zscaler reduces costs by eliminating expensive legacy networking and security products.

Reduce costs

Eliminate legacy networking products and over-provisioned services that increase costs

Extend zero trust to secure cloud workloads communications

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange provides a fundamentally different approach to cloud connectivity by connecting workloads from any location to any destination without putting them on the network. Now zero trust security can be extended to workloads in addition to users. Access, DLP, and threat protection are enforced using simple business policies. Cloud connectivity is now easy to deploy, operates at hyper-scale, and features high availability, all while reducing costs.

Three opposing tenets

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