Zero Trust Cloud Connectivity

Enable workloads in public clouds to gain direct, secure access to internet and private applications based on zero trust

Workload Communications is the modern approach to securing your cloud applications and workloads. With secure zero trust cloud connectivity for workloads, you can eliminate your network attack surface, stop lateral threat movement, avoid workload compromise, and prevent sensitive data loss.


Legacy networks and security increase risk in the cloud

As your organization deploys workloads to the cloud, you need to enable communications between them across multicloud environments and to the internet. Doing this by extending legacy networks and security solutions, like firewalls and VPNs, creates a mesh network that's difficult to implement, scale, and manage while increasing your risk in these areas:

  • Increased attack surface 
  • Lateral threat movement
  • Workload compromise
  • Data loss

Zero trust for your cloud workloads with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Workload Communications uses the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ platform to secure cloud workloads, enabling your organization to stop malicious access with explicit trust-based security that leverages identity, risk profiles, location, and behavioral analytics.

Threat prevention with deep SSL inspection further bolsters your cyber defenses. With cyber protection delivered from the cloud, security policies are easy to configure, manage, and maintain.


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How it works



Cloud workloads can access any internet or SaaS destination, such as third-party APIs and software updates, with a scalable, reliable security solution that inspects all transactions, applying advanced threat prevention and data loss prevention controls.


Workload-to-workload (north-south and/or multicloud traffic)

Workloads in one public cloud can securely communicate with any public or private cloud, as well as across VPCs, zones, and regions on the same cloud—no need for VPNs or the risk and complexity of bespoke cloud routing.


Workload-to-workload (east-west and/or intra-cloud traffic)

Secure process-to-process communications allow you to achieve microsegmentation with no changes to your applications or network. Zscaler automatically provides machine learning-driven policy recommendations.

Use cases


Cloud migration

Accelerate and simplify cloud adoption by enabling secure direct connectivity for cloud workloads. Secure workload communications across multicloud infrastructure.


Mergers and acquisitions

Improve post-M&A integration by enabling cross-network application access without connecting networks. Administer universal security posture to protect workloads across multiple VPCs, regions, and public clouds.


Virtual desktop infrastructure

Secure VDI delivered from cloud infrastructure by applying policies to control access to explicitly allowed sites and private applications.


Workload segmentation

Gain granular control of connectivity for your cloud workloads located in different VPCs/VNets, regions, or public clouds.


Zero trust protects workloads in multicloud environments

"With Zscaler's Workload Communications, we can easily standardize security policies for both users and applications regardless of where they are located."

Rui Cabeço, IT Mgr.
Global Outbound Connectivity Lead, Siemens


Cutting costs while securing workloads worldwide with zero trust

"Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange immediately gave us resiliency and increased our security posture … resulting in millions of dollars of savings, faster connections, and direct access to SaaS applications."

Alex Philips, Chief Information Officer, NOV


Securely connecting cloud workloads for agility and innovation

"[Our next step] is to go after the applications which are hosted in the cloud ... Any company will need to partner with the best, and Zscaler falls into that category."

Mohit Kapoor, Group Chief Technology Officer, Mahindra Group


Easy policy creation, monitoring, and management with zero trust

"The Zscaler Workload Segmentation policy creation process is super simple. It’s basically a few clicks."

Gulzar Khan, IT Program Manager, Fairfax County

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