Zero Trust Your Cloud Workloads

Stronger security, simpler connectivity, and superior application performance for all workload communications without the risk and complexity of VPNs and firewalls

Challenges with legacy networks and security in the cloud

Extend the Corporate WAN to the Cloud

As enterprises deploy workloads to the cloud, they also extend their use of legacy networks and security to enable communications between workloads across multicloud environments and to the internet. Using legacy firewalls and VPNs creates a mesh network that becomes increasingly difficult to implement, scale, and manage while increasing security risk in four areas:

  1. Increased attack surface 
  2. Lateral threat movement
  3. Workload compromise
  4. Data loss
Extend the Corporate WAN to the Cloud

Zero trust for cloud workloads with the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Zero Trust for Cloud Workloads with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Zero trust architecture is the opposite of network security—there's no routable network with firewalls. Instead, entities connect to each other directly through a secure exchange. Zscaler pioneered the Zero Trust Exchange to securely connect users to applications.

Now, we're extending the Zero Trust Exchange to secure cloud workloads with Zscaler Workload Communications to enable zero trust for cloud workloads. With customer-defined policies, Zscaler Workload Communications specifies which workload can communicate with another in any region of any cloud provider, over any network, in hybrid and multicloud environments alike.

Zero Trust for Cloud Workloads with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Secure all workload communications

Extending zero trust to your cloud workloads gives you unparalleled flexibility and confidence to securely connect applications within and across environments.

Application-to-internet communication

Applications to internet communications

Cloud applications can now access any internet or SaaS destination, such as third-party APIs and software updates, with a scalable, reliable security solution that inspects all transactions, applying advanced threat prevention and data loss prevention controls.

Applications to internet communications

Application-to-application across environments

Application to application across environments

Workloads in one public cloud can now securely communicate with any cloud, public or private, with support for communications across VPCs, zones, and regions on the same cloud. No need for VPNs or the risk and complexity of bespoke cloud routing.

Application to application across environments

Application-to-application within environments

Application to application within environments

Secure process-to-process communications help you microsegmentation with no changes to your applications or your network. Zscaler Workload Segmentation automatically provides machine learning-driven policy recommendations.

Application to application within environments

Modern cloud workload security, not legacy network security

Overcome the limitations of full-mesh VPNs, firewalls, and WAN extensions, which expand the attack surface, allow threats to move laterally, and increase operational complexity.

Zero attack surface

Zero Attack Surface

Connect workloads directly to each other instead of with legacy approaches that connect networks together which increase the number of entry points for attack.

No lateral movement

No Lateral Movement

By eliminating the attack surface, bad actors can no longer enter and move across the corporate network.

Simplified connectivity

Simplified Connectivity

Modern connectivity works in hybrid cloud environments while avoiding the complexity of legacy networking, firewalls, and VPNs that require constant oversight and manual effort.

Data loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention

 Identity-based protection along with direct connectivity ensures that data reaches its designated destination.

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"We gain visibility into the public cloud, achieve compliance, and lower costs by not backhauling traffic, and simultaneously reduce data center resource consumption.”

Rui Cabeço, IT Service Group Manager & Global Outbound Connectivity Lead, Siemens.


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