Zscaler is here to help you mitigate the impact of Log4Shell and prevent other zero-day vulnerabilities

Join our experts on March 1 for insights on how to manage the long-term impact of the Log4j vulnerability.

About the Log4j vulnerability

Apache Log4j is an open source logging library used in millions of enterprise applications and cloud services. The Log4Shell exploit allows attackers to take over devices and carry out a range of attacks against vulnerable targets.

By now, many organizations have updated Log4j libraries and protected their most critical applications and assets. However, Log4j’s widespread use can make it difficult to conclusively hunt down across the enterprise. Also, sophisticated attackers could have planted backdoors in vulnerable systems before patching, allowing them to break in and carry out future attacks.

That’s why you need a long-term mitigation strategy for Log4Shell.

Protect and empower your business with zero trust

The Zero Trust Exchange helps IT accelerate business transformation, securely, using a foundation of zero trust

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Reduces cost and complexity

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Delivers a great user experience

icon of network hardward crossed out

Eliminates the internet attack surface

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Eliminates the internet attack surface

Prevent Log4j exploits with a zero trust architecture

A zero trust architecture relies on four key tenets to hide vulnerable applications from attackers, detect and block intrusions, and mitigate the damage of successful attacks by eliminating lateral movement

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Eliminate the external attack surface

Make apps & servers invisible, impossible to compromise

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Prevent Compromise with full SSL inspection

Stop web app infections and exploit activity

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lateral movement

Limit the blast radius with Zero Trust Network Access & integrated deception

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Data Exfiltration

Stop data exfiltration attempt using in-line DLP with SSL inspection

Gain peace of mind with Zscaler

Do you have Apache applications and servers that can’t be patched? Placing them behind the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ hides them from attackers to eliminate vulnerable backdoors.

See how Zscaler Private Access® eliminates exposure of vulnerable applications

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