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Take Security to New Heights with
Browser Isolation

Eliminate the risk of active web content and prevent data loss

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Zscaler Remote Browser Isolation

Stop data exfiltration and spread of malware through web browsers

Zscaler Remote Browser Isolation enables safe access to web content by separating users from actual web applications. By creating an “air-gap” between the user and potentially risky web content, organizations can confidently stop advanced threats and protect sensitive data and users.

How does browser isolation work?
zscaler product browser isolation
How does browser isolation work?

Remote Browser Isolation Benefits

Eliminate the risk of web-based threats

Protect executives and other users who deal with confidential information from phishing attacks, ransomware, and other advanced threats

Safeguard sensitive data

Prevent the exfiltration of IP and other confidential data from business-critical applications

Seamlessly secure all traffic

Deliver the entire stack of integrated security services with Zscaler Internet Access, which secures all traffic whether it originates in the native browser or a browser isolation session

Enable a safe internet browsing experience

Provide safe access to uncategorized URLs, newly registered domains, and other active web content, without having to download actual files

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