“What cloud applications are we REALLY using?”

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Zscaler can help you tame the cloud

Zscaler is always inline, inspecting every byte of traffic, so you’ll finally be able to see—and control—the cloud applications that are really in use in your organization. Zscaler sits between your users and the Internet—regardless of which device they are using or where they are located. Our cloud-based architecture gives you visibility in near real time, even on SSL‐encrypted traffic—something firewall vendors just aren’t designed to provide.

Because Zscaler looks at all traffic, attempts to navigate to suspicious sites are blocked before the request leaves your network. We can also prevent sensitive data from leaking out, helping you to meet compliance goals. And because we are also inspecting reply traffic, we can identify and stop malware and threats before they hit you. Finally, we act as an identity broker for key cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box to provide secure access and enable single sign‐on (SSO) into these applications.

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3280 malicious downloads are blocked from Dropbox per day

What people say about Zscaler

The best thing about Zscaler is the view of our network that it provides and the malicious activity that is being stopped.
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How can you control cloud apps if you don’t even know which ones you’re using?

Cloud applications provide tremendous benefits, but they are notoriously hard to control. That’s because in many cases the use of cloud applications is completely legitimate; after all, many of your business apps are in the cloud, so you would expect to see traffic going there. Many other applications, including webmail and cloud storage, are used for both personal and business purposes. In fact, the ease with which cloud applications can be adopted is a big reason for the growth of Shadow IT.

Solutions have been limited. You could compile logs from proxies to get reports on cloud app use, but your visibility is reactive at best. Or you could deploy reverse proxies in front of applications if you don’t mind going app by app. Or you could just get Zscaler.

With the many benefits that cloud applications offer, however, they can also pose very real threats. Cloud apps can be a vector for malware, as can any site hosted on the Internet. Their use can sidestep the processes you’ve put in place to control data loss and to ensure industry and regulatory compliance. And because of the overlap between business and personal use, the user streaming a training video may be competing for bandwidth with another user streaming the latest movie.

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“40 percent of IT spending is outside CIO control.”


Get app-specific details from CASB vendors and the full picture from Zscaler

In 2012, Gartner coined the term Cloud Application Security Brokers (CASB) to quantify a new offering that was entering the security scene. In some areas these products overlap with Zscaler’s offering, and in some areas the products are complementary.

CASB vendors offer three primary values at varying levels of maturity:

  • Visibility of cloud applications
  • Control over cloud applications
  • Out-of-band visibility and control via APIs

Zscaler excels at visibility and control of cloud applications, and we partner with select CASB vendors on API-based activities.

CASB vendors enable visibility and control for IT‐sanctioned cloud-based applications by sitting between users and those apps in the cloud. One of the primary differences between Zscaler technology and that of CASB vendors is that their implementations are specific to each application—so there will be a module specific to Office 365, another specific to Salesforce, and so on. Because the information that these vendors derive is different than what we arrive at, Zscaler will combine the risk finding from partner CASB vendors with our own, and we’ll show you everything.

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How is Zscaler different than CASB vendors?

Zscaler is built on a massively scalable, global proxy platform that was not constructed to tie into specific applications. In fact, Cloud Application Visibility and Control is only part of what we do. Unlike CASB vendors, who compile their statistics on non-sanctioned cloud app use by deriving information from customer logs, Zscaler sits inline and sees all traffic, sanctioned or not.

Another important difference is that Zscaler inspects all SSL-encrypted traffic. Due to the increasing length of keys and growing complexity of encryption schemes, most vendors simply don’t have the compute power to inspect everything. But this was one of the founding principles of Zscaler…and we were built to do it, from the ground up.

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Create precision policies to protect your business

Zscaler makes it easy to go beyond domain-level “allow/block” level permissions to create and enforce granular, context-based policies at the user, group, department, and/or location level.

By cloud application

By user/

By location

Bandwidth and time quotas

By time limit

Zscaler cloud application visibility and control policy

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Gain an understanding of what your users are doing on your network

Easily drill down from the dashboard view to an application, to a location, or to a user.

Zscaler cloud application visibility and control reporting chart


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With Zscaler, you can see what’s really happening and control it to:

  • Reduce the risk of Shadow IT – Eliminate the threats posed by unknown apps on the cloud and ensure that users follow policy.
  • Enable proper use of business apps with policy and control – Make sure that business apps don’t bring in any malicious content, even if the traffic is encrypted, and make sure that they get the bandwidth that they need.
  • Ensure that sensitive data doesn’t leave your network – With full inspection of all content, you prevent data exfiltration.
  • Preserve optimal user experience – With Zscaler, you’ll get all of these benefits without adding hardware, software...or latency.

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in real time, providing comprehensive protection

Protect users, prevent data leakage, and squash “Shadow IT” as you ensure security for all transactions from all locations. All the time.




All security engines fire with
each content scan – only
microsecond delay


Each outbound/inbound
byte scanned, native SSL


Risk of each object
computed inline,


50:1 compression,
real-time global log


Polices follow the user
for same on-premise, off-premise protection

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