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What cloud applications are we REALLY using?

Zscaler Cloud Application Control gives you complete visibility and control in a single click

Do you know what your cloud users are doing?

Understand ghost computing

The rise of cloud applications has led to strong growth in Shadow IT. Employees use cloud apps for their jobs, but IT is usually the last to know.


Lack of visibility and control

Obtaining complete visibility into the use of cloud applications is a real challenge. Cloud applications such as webmail and cloud storage are used for personal and business purposes. How do you distinguish a user watching a training video from a user watching a movie?


Still unknown threat risks

Main targets of malware, cloud applications represent real threats. Users can bypass data loss prevention measures, and compromise compliance with industry standards and applicable regulations.

3,280 malicious downloads are blocked from Dropbox every day
Zscaler's cloud platform scales elastically to inspect SSL traffic for all your users

Get to know your cloud applications with Zscaler

Shed light on your Shadow IT

Zscaler is built on a highly scalable global proxy platform that sits online and sees all cloud-based traffic from all users, including SSL traffic, on or off the network. You will see more user traffic and discover more use of cloud apps than with traditional providers that have inspection limitations.


Control your entire cloud footprint

Full integrated inspection provides visibility into all authorized or sanctioned user applications. Define targeted policies that allow you to control all of your cloud services, including the ability to upload or download files, or post comments or videos based on a user's or group identity.


Stop threats and restore compliance

Due to limited performance, most providers simply cannot inspect all encrypted traffic. Zscaler's scalable cloud platform scales to support SSL traffic inspection for all your users. You gain greater visibility into known and unknown cloud applications being used, and detect more malware where it lurks.

With Zscaler, you can see what’s really happening

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Reduce the risk of Shadow IT

Eliminate the threats posed by unknown apps on the cloud and ensure that users follow  policy.

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Enable proper use of business apps with policy and control

Make sure that business apps don’t bring in any malicious content, even if the traffic is encrypted, and make sure that they get the bandwidth that they need.

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Ensure that sensitive data doesn’t leave your network

With full inspection of all content, you prevent data exfiltration.

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Preserve optimal user experience

With Zscaler, you’ll get all of these benefits without adding hardware, software...or  latency.

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Integration with select CASB vendors

Extend your policy control and visibility to out-of-band cloud applications via integrations with select CASB vendors.


Steptoe & Johnson LLP uses Zscaler Cloud DLP to protect sensitive information and client data
that is subject to various compliance requirements

Create precision policies to protect your business

Zscaler makes it easy to go beyond domain-level “allow/block” level permissions to create and enforce granular, context-based policies at the user, group, department, and/or location level.

Zscaler goes beyond domain-level “allow/block” level permissions to create and enforce granular, context-based policies at the user, group, department, and/or location level.

Gain an understanding of what your users are doing on your network

Easily drill down from the dashboard view to an application, to a location, or to a user.

Zscaler cloud application visibility and control reporting chart

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