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Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations and
Vulnerabilities, Automatically

CSPM delivers comprehensive protections across SaaS and public cloud applications

Misconfigurations are the hidden risk of a cloud world

Application misconfiguration has become a key vulnerability for organizations. It may be due to an application development team misconfiguring a cloud application or a SaaS application that has been incorrectly set up, leaving the apps vulnerable to attacks and exploits.

The dark side of the cloud

Dark side of the cloud - Data Exposure

Data Exposure

The accidental misconfiguration of cloud applications is one of the most common causes of data exposure, costing companies time and money.
Dark side of the Cloud - Compliance Violations

Compliance Violations

Application deployment and use is spread across locations and groups, which makes unified assurance a complex and time-consuming process.
Dark side of the Cloud - Complex Security Governance

Complex Security Governance

Inconsistent security tooling and baselining across the entire software development lifecycle makes security governance a challenge.

Zscaler Cloud Security Posture Management

Continuous cloud security assurance

Zscaler Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) automatically identifies and remediates application misconfigurations in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS to reduce risk and ensure compliance. Zscaler CSPM is part of the comprehensive, 100% cloud-delivered data protection capabilities in the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform.

Zscaler Approach to CSPM - 100% Cloud-delivered data protection

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What can Zscaler CSPM do for you?

Zscaler CSPM Benefits: Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations

Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations

Automatically prevents misconfigurations that can lead to data loss, application breaches, and costly downtime, while ensuring adherence to data privacy regulations, such as GDPR.
Zscaler CSPM Benefits: Unify Visibility

Unify Visibility

A single offering that provides compliance visibility and mitigates violations across SaaS applications and cloud service providers, ensuring adherence to laws and industry regulations.
Zscaler CSPM Benefits: Automate Remediation

Automate Remediation

Ensures that configurations of all cloud applications follow industry and organizational best practices, which includes automated remediations that prevent vulnerability to outside threats.

Zscaler CSPM Global Compliance Assurance

India Bank
ISO 27001
HIPAA Compliance

What makes our CSPM unique?

Cloud misconfiguration visibility and remediation
Cloud misconfiguration visibility and remediation - Compares SaaS and public cloud application configurations to industry and organizational benchmarks, reporting violations and automating remediation.
Compliance reporting and remediation
Compliance reporting and remediation - Compares SaaS and public cloud application deployments against 17 different laws, regulations and security standards to provide visibility into compliance violations while automating remediation.
Prevents application vulnerabilities
Prevents application vulnerabilities - Identifies OS and application vulnerabilities and configuration issues to ensure applications are hardened against attacks and data breaches.
Secures container environments
Secures container environments - Identifies Kubernetes container environment misconfigurations, processes running as root, privileged containers, and compliance violations.
Part of a larger data protection platform
Part of a larger data protection platform - The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform provides unified data protection with DLP and CASB capabilities for internet, data center, and SaaS applications, while ensuring all cloud applications are configured to prevent data exposure and maintain compliance.

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