Make Your Internet and Network
Telemetry More Meaningful

Use internet and CloudPath insights to improve
user experiences.

See what's happening on the network path between user and the app

CloudPath Analytics provides network performance insights by continuously monitoring each and every internet and network hop between user and the application. Pre-configured dashboards enable you to quickly identify and troubleshoot network issues from a user's perspective.

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Webinar: Learn how Zscaler helped Kelly overcome the visibility gap with ZDX

Get the complete picture of actual traffic paths from Zscaler cloud

The ZDX service provides unparalleled visibility into tunneled traffic through the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud platform. ZDX stitches together network traces from the user to the Zscaler cloud, Zscaler cloud to the user, and Zscaler cloud to the application to give you a complete, end-to-end view of the actual traffic path taken between the user and application.

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Gain network path insights into ZPA secured applications

CloudPath analytics provides granular insights into network performance metrics including latency, jitter and packet loss for ZPA secured applications.

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Customer Videos


Ciena and ZDX:

Monitoring at scale and powering faster mean time to resolution of user experience issues


Reckitt Benckiser and ZDX:

The power of the platform combined with visibility into end-user experiences

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