Measuring and Predicting Digital Experiences Just Got Easier

ZDX score puts metrics that matter into context,
so you can make informed and effective decisions.


Zscaler Digital Experience score provides digital experience insights so that you can understand, diagnose, and improve user experience issues within your organization. The score helps you identify performance anomalies using machine learning and receive actionable alerts.

Easy-to-understand format

ZDX score uses a scale from 0 to 100, with lower scores representing poor experiences and higher scores signifying great experiences. You can create a baseline score against your peers and receive alerts when poor performance is detected.

Easy-to-understand format

Spot performance dips with ease

Quickly identify users, departments, and geo-locations that are experiencing poor performance in comparison to others. You can take action before poor performance affects your users’ productivity.


Ciena and ZDX: Monitoring at Scale and Powering Faster Mean-time-to-Resolution of User Experience Issues

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