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Accelerate Your Secure Digital Transformation with Zero Trust Exchange

Zero Trust Exchange

In today’s hyperconnected world, business is taking place off your trusted corporate network and outside your security perimeter. 

  • Apps are moving out of the data center to the cloud 
  • Users are connecting from everywhere using a variety of devices
  • Server, IoT, and OT traffic is growing exponentially  
  • The internet is the new connectivity layer 

The Zero Trust Exchange is a cloud-native platform that securely connects users, apps, and devices over any network, in any location, using business policies to increase user productivity, reduce business risk, slash costs, and simplify IT.

The Zero Trust Exchange is a cloud-native platfoAccelerate Your Secure Digital Transformation with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

Four integrated and comprehensive solutions

Simplify IT and reduce costs by consolidating and eliminating point solutions

Secure Internet and SaaS Access

Cyberthreat protection

Data protection (DLP/CASB)

Secure local internet breakouts

Zscaler Internet Access

Secure Private App Access

Remote app access without VPN

Zero trust from office to DC

B2B customer app access

Zscaler Private Access

Secure Apps and Workloads

App segmentation without network segmentation

Cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Zscaler Cloud Protection

User-to-App Experience Management

Performance scores by user, app, and location

Identify and resolve device and network issues

Zscaler Digital Experience

The five attributes of a Zero Trust Exchange

The cloud-native Zero Trust Exchange provides the foundation for secure digital transformation, delivering the agility, security, and experience you need to move your organization ahead. The five attributes of a true Zero Trust Exchange include:


1. Zero attack surface

Traditional firewalls publish your apps on the internet, so they can be found by users—and by bad actors. A Zero Trust Exchange makes apps invisible and accessible only by authorized users.

2. Connect a user to an app, not a network

Unlike traditional VPNs and firewalls, Zero Trust Exchange connects a user to an app, not a network, to eliminate the risk of lateral movement.

3. Proxy architecture, not passthrough

Unlike a next-gen firewall, a proxy architecture is designed for proper content inspection, including SSL, for effective cyberthreat protection and data loss prevention.

4. Secure access service edge (SASE)

With the SASE-based Zero Trust Exchange, policy is enforced at the edge, and it’s distributed across 150 data centers to deliver a fast and productive experience for users everywhere.


5. Multitenant architecture

Leading enterprise SaaS companies build their own multitenant clouds because they are necessary for delivering the performance and scalability required for digital transformation.

See what the Zero Trust Exchange can do for you

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange is the enabler of a more agile enterprise, with increased user productivity, reduced business risk, lower costs, and far less complexity.

Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange Dashboard

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