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You have many roaming and remote users.
Secure them all with one app.

One app. All devices. No problem.

Deliver consistent security policies that follow the user

Zscaler App delivers security for all of your remote users, regardless of device type or OS. With Zscaler, you can enable security policies that truly follow the user, without the hassle of managing agents or PAC files to different endpoints.

The Zscaler deployment was very simple as Zscaler was already 100% integrated with our existing MDM, which made deployment transparent and automatic.

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One app to secure them all

Mobility has raised business productivity, but it’s brought its share of issues, as well. One of the biggest challenges is the need to provide complete, consistent security across devices that you may not own. And because these devices each run on their own operating systems, and change on their own schedule, finding a single way to secure them all has been difficult. MDM platforms provide endpoint management, but do not provide security. Even more problematic, the majority of web traffic from mobile devices comes from apps, not from standard browsers, so threats may not even be visible to traditional security appliances.

Zscaler’s cloud security platform has the answer. Zscaler sits between your users and the internet, inspecting every byte of traffic and ensuring compliance with your security policies. And now, with Zscaler App, directing the user’s web traffic – including app traffic – to Zscaler is as simple as one click.

Zscaler App automatically creates a lightweight HTTP tunnel that connects the user’s endpoint to Zscaler’s cloud security platform with no need for PAC files or authentication cookies. The Zscaler Cloud Service delivers one-step enrollment, with multi-factor authentication support via SAML

Uniquely identify all devices and map them to your specific users

Detailed fingerprinting enhances visibility and reporting while making it easier to act on information.

Enhanced device-level reporting gives you complete visibility into all user devices, anywhere

See device, OS, users and traffic details at-a-glance; easily drill down to specifics.


Zscaler App enables security to truly follow the user across any device with one step enrollment.

  • Supports PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and virtual computing environments.
  • Device fingerprinting and reporting available through the Zscaler App portal.
  • Zscaler App is easily enforceable – the user cannot remove it, even they are an device administrator.
  • Zscaler App supports both auto and managed updates and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing Group Policy Object (GPO) Policy.
  • Trusted Network aware- Tunneling can be configured to turned off automatically when user is on corporate network.

The Zscaler Difference

  • Single solution for consistent security across all devices
  • Enforceable, intelligent, lightweight tunneling across all device platforms

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in real time, providing comprehensive protection

Zscaler cloud security platform


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