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The Fast, Smart, Secure Way
to Interconnect your Clouds

Enable hassle-free app-to-app connections across clouds,
the internet, and on-premises environments.

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Zscaler Cloud Connector

Establish fast and secure cloud connectivity without the cost and complexity of network security appliances. Built on top of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, Cloud Connector provides secure internet access and zero trust connectivity between cloud applications.

Simplified Policy Management with Zscaler Cloud Connector

Simplified Policy Management

Create identity-centric policies to control application traffic without the need to backhaul, redistribute routes, or track overlapping IP addresses across clouds.

Zscaler Cloud Connector provide better visibility and control

Better Visibility
and Control

Monitor your inter-cloud application communications with audit-compliant traffic-forwarding logs and access logs in real time.

Resilient Cloud Infrastructure with Zscaler Cloud Connector

Resilient Cloud Infrastructure

Deliver automated multi- and hybrid-cloud connectivity. The scalability and availability to handle surge demand without impacting production applications.

Low Operational Costs with Zscaler Cloud Connector

Operational Costs

Eliminate hidden transit costs and bespoke networking design architectures to connect applications across clouds.

How Zscaler Cloud Connector Works

1. Cloud Connector

  • Software instance sits in front of a VPC or VNET in AWS or Azure

  • Provides inside-out DTLS connections to a connection broker in the Zero Trust Exchange (ZTX)

2. Zero Trust Exchange

  • World’s largest inline security cloud with a global footprint of 150+ data centers (SASE)

  • Delivers a unified control plane for secure traffic forwarding, internet access, and app-to-app connections across multi- and hybrid-clouds

A diagram showing how zscaler cloud connector work?

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