Deploy Office 365 quicker and deliver a fast user experience

Microsoft recommends direct Internet connections for Office 365. Zscaler can help.


Ready to set up Office 365? Get ready for some tough questions...

Hub-and-spoke networks are costly and results in appliance sprawl. Zscaler helps reduce cost and allows direct internet connections.

Is your network ready?

For the best user experience, Microsoft recommends direct Internet connections.

The challenge is that most companies centrally route traffic through hub-and-spoke networks.

To accommodate for Office 365, Zscaler's solution includes complete and scalable NGFW capabilities without the need for appliances.

Are your firewalls ready?

User traffic from Office 365 increases network utilization by 40%.

The problem is that most companies’ firewalls just aren’t up to the task and user experience suffers.

To keep Office 365 up and running requires constant firewall updates. Zscaler security cloud gives IT their time back and reduces cost.

Are you ready?

Deploying Office 365 requires hardware upgrades and constant firewall updates.

The reality is most IT staffs just can’t keep up with the demands of deployment.

Zscaler for Office 365 is the right answer

Zscaler works in multiple ways to help speed the deployment process and deliver a faster user experience.

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Zscaler allows direct internet connections and the use of Microsoft best practices, creating faster and improved Office 365 experience.

Faster Connections

Zscaler helps route Office 365 directly over the Internet to Microsoft the recommended way.

Your network will thank you…

  • Zscaler’s 100 global data centers directly peer with Microsoft and improve Office 365 user performance.
  • The Zscaler global cloud is always a close and fast connection.
  • Direct Internet connections save on network bandwidth and appliance upgrade costs.

Accessing Office 365 through Zscaler results in better connections, faster downloads, and improved user experience.

Quicker Downloads

Companies that use Zscaler to process Office 365 traffic enjoy up to 40% quicker downloads.

Your users will thank you…

  • Zscaler peering in most Microsoft data centers delivers 1-2ms roundtrip latency.
  • An optimized connection between the Zscaler cloud and the user allows for quicker file downloads.
  • The result is an Office 365 deployment with better connections, downloads, and user experience.

Zscaler makes it easy to manage and maintain Office 365 access, while allowing IT to prioritize business-critical traffic.

Easier Administration

One-click configuration, automated updates and no hardware to upgrade or deploy.

Your schedule will thank you…

  • Zscaler automatically tracks, manages, and deploys the complex maze of Office 365 connection rules so you don’t have to.
  • Zscaler lets you prioritize Office 365 over recreational traffic, so business-critical traffic is never interrupted.

The world’s leading brands use Zscaler for Office 365

United Airlines uses Zscaler for Office 365
Kelly Services uses Zscaler for Office 365
Manulife Financial Mortgage & Investments uses Zscaler for Office 365
Jabil uses Zscaler for Office 365
Intertek uses Zscaler for Office 365
Johnson Controls uses Zscaler for Office 365
Office 365 traffic now represents 40% of our network traffic. And for the first time, Office 365 has surpassed YouTube.

Zscaler offers demos for organizations that are interested in Office 365 deployment.
Antony Poppe, Global Network Security Manager

More than 700 companies have used Zscaler for Office 365 deployment

The Zscaler security cloud processed over 1.5 petabytes of Office 365 traffic last month. Zscaler process 1 billion Office 365 requests daily.

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform elastically scales to your traffic demands. With no hardware or software to deploy, you can set up direct Internet connections in minutes.

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