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Zscaler + CrowdStrike

End-to-end protection from the device to the application.

Legacy models can’t secure a cloud and mobile-first world

Traditional endpoint and network security hold back business growth. Legacy network security appliances (physical or virtual) and ineffective antivirus endpoint offerings are failing to protect cloud and mobile organizations and can’t keep up with dynamically changing business needs.

The challenge

Complex and ineffective

Traditional network and endpoint security are too complex to deploy, manage and update while relying on ineffective antivirus technology to prevent threats.

Access without context

Lack of complete visibility of device context, such as posture, identity and location, prevents a safe zero trust connection to applications.

High operational cost

Siloed teams with multiple systems to support require a large investment in people to bridge the gaps and operate effectively.

Hidden risks

Separate visibility and context between the endpoint and network security teams can lead to unknown risks that can take months to discover and even longer to investigate.

Zscaler + CrowdStrike: End-to-end security

Cloud-native and market-proven

Together, Zscaler and CrowdStrike deliver secure access to applications by providing conditional access based on the user’s identity, location and the posture of the device being used while also ensuring that zero-day threats are identified, analyzed and remediated quickly.

Zscaler + CrowdStrike: End-to-end security
Reduced complexity

Reduced complexity – As cloud-native services, our combined offering is easy to implement, always up-to-date, and can scale rapidly. There's a good reason that both companies are Gartner MQ Leaders in their fields.

Reduced cost

Reduced cost – The integration between Zscaler and CrowdStrike enables organizations to control access and prevent threats more effectively across teams. This allows your team to focus on value-added functions in your organization instead of managing boxes and manually correlating threats and application access.

Automation allows us to be able to quickly analyze and prevent some very critical threats before somebody has to even touch a mouse or click any sort of button.

“Automation allows us to be able to quickly analyze and prevent some very critical threats before somebody has to even touch a mouse or click any sort of button.”

- Erik Hart, CISO, Cushman & Wakefield

Erik Hart, CISO, Cushman & Wakefield

Zscaler + CrowdStrike: Posture-driven, zero trust, conditional access

User access is restricted based on device posture provided by CrowdStrike and connectivity through ZPA allowing complete zero trust network access. This limits secure access to private applications with complete context of the identity, location and device posture.

Enables intelligent access

Enables intelligent access – This integration ensures that users are accessing business-critical private applications from endpoints that have CrowdStrike installed and running, vastly improving the user experience while strengthening endpoint security.

More secure

More secure – The endpoint and network security teams can work together to define joint policies that are implemented at the endpoints and in the path to the applications, which gives unified visibility and control from the endpoint to the application itself.

Zscaler + CrowdStrike: Rapid zero-day threat detection, analysis and response

Threat data from the Zscaler Cloud sandbox is correlated with CrowdStrike’s endpoint telemetry to quickly identify zero-day threats, analyze the affected endpoints and enact rapid response with full visibility.

More effective teams

More effective teams – Comprehensive visibility from the network and endpoint platforms provides a more complete view of the threat landscape. One-click drill down between consoles, as well as a cross-platform workflow, makes investigation and response faster and more efficient.

Reduces risk

Reduces risk – Zscaler inline protections, such as SSL inspection, Cloud Firewall, web proxy, Cloud sandbox, CASB and DLP protection, are combined with CrowdStrike’s advanced endpoint protection and analytics to significantly reduce risk and business impact caused by security breaches and downtime.

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