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Enable Work-from-Anywhere

Think beyond “WFH” and build a long-term access strategy for life going forward.

A new way forward

With a newly dispersed workforce, IT teams have seen their security perimeters vanish overnight. A network-centric approach fails to deliver the productive and collaborative experience your users need while providing secure access to business-critical apps like Teams, Zoom, and others.

The way forward requires a new approach to connectivity.

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Top use cases for enabling work-from-anywhere

As work-from-anywhere progresses from a temporary necessity to modern reality, enterprises will need to be able to support multiple use cases:

Securing remote user access (VPN alternative)  
67% of businesses are looking to replace their traditional VPN. Use a cloud-delivered solution to overcome the scalability issues with VPN while minimizing complexity and improving security by keeping users off the network
Accessing remote collaboration apps  
Remote collaboration requires fast, direct access to apps like Zoom and Microsoft O365; backhauling traffic to the data center impacts performance and hinders collaboration
Accessing from BYOD devices  
Today 45% of companies allow the use of BYOD devices. IT must ensure that access is just as secure with BYOD as it is with corporate-managed devices
Monitoring user experience  
Speed and performance are critical to the productivity of remote workers, and IT teams must be able to monitor and resolve device and network issues

Seven key technology requirements for work-from-anywhere

  • 1Secure access to all applications
  • 2Cloud identity access management
  • 3Fast user experience
  • 4Rapid deployment
  • 5Visibility and troubleshooting
  • 6Cyberthreat protection
  • 7Data protection

Work from Anywhere trends found in our cloud

Explore our dynamic work from anywhere dashboard and see how remote and hybrid work has increased worldwide from the beginning of 2020 to present day.

Get granular with the dashboard and see what work from anywhere trends are happening in your region.

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Start supporting the new normal with three steps

Zscaler has helped organizations all across the globe enable work-from-anywhere. Our cloud experts are here to help when you’re ready.
Step 1

Meet with a
Zscaler expert

Step 2

Design a custom plan to support remote work for your organization

Step 3

Execute your plan and enable a long-term access strategy

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