Zscaler Announces Intent to Acquire Airgap Networks to extend Zero Trust SASE

Secure Your Cloud Apps with an Integrated CASB

Protect data, stop threats, and ensure compliance across your SaaS and IaaS


Achieve SaaS security with Zscaler CASB

Legacy appliances aren’t built for securing cloud applications, and native SaaS protections aren’t sophisticated enough.

The Zscaler multimode cloud access security broker (CASB) secures cloud data in motion (via proxy) and at rest (via APIs). Administrators simply configure one automated policy that delivers consistent security across all cloud data channels.


With Zscaler CASB as part of the comprehensive Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ (with SWG, ZTNA, and more), you can avoid point products, reduce IT complexity, and inspect traffic only once. Explore how Zscaler works with CASB vendors.


What can Zscaler CASB do for you?

Zscaler CASB secures SaaS like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce as well as IaaS offerings like Amazon S3, preventing risky sharing that leads to sensitive data loss or noncompliance. Zscaler provides:

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Granular data protection

Data protection policies apply consistently across cloud apps to stop accidental or risky file shares and halt internal threats like intellectual property theft.

Complete threat protection

Threat protection with cloud sandboxing is refined by 200B transactions and 150M threats identified daily, enabling automatic remediation of zero-day malware.

Comprehensive visibility

Integrated visibility and thorough reporting across all SaaS apps and IaaS platforms deliver consolidated ease of use, enhanced intelligence, and the ability to enable audits.

Unified compliance

A single offering provides visibility into compliance and mitigates violations across SaaS apps and cloud service providers, ensuring adherence to laws and regulations.


Zscaler CASB secures cloud apps with tenancy restrictions, SSPM, UEBA, and more

See Zscaler CASB in action to learn how it can solve all your cloud security issues.


Inline security for data in motion

Through a proven inline security cloud, Zscaler delivers high-performance proxy and TLS/SSL inspection with critical real-time protections.

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Discover shadow IT and risky apps across a comprehensive cloud app database
Prevent uploading of sensitive data to sanctioned and unsanctioned apps with DLP measures
Stop known and unknown malware with real-time advanced threat protection and an ML-powered cloud sandbox
Prevent data leaks without a reverse proxy headache by streaming sessions as pixels for BYOD with Browser Isolation

Out-of-band security for data at rest

Zscaler leverages APIs to scan SaaS apps, cloud platforms, and their contents, automatically enhancing enterprise security.

DLP dictionaries identify sensitive data within SaaS and public clouds like AWS
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Collaboration control crawls apps for risky file shares and revokes them according to policy
Cloud sandboxing scans data at rest to identify and respond to zero-day malware and ransomware
SSPM, CSPM, and CIEM evaluate SaaS and IaaS configurations and permissions to remediate issues automatically
Unsecured use of Amazon S3

Unsecured use of Amazon S3 can enable data loss and malware infection. The Zscaler CASB is complete with granular data loss prevention and advanced threat protection to address these challenges. To see it in action, watch the demo.

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Zscaler CASB secures cloud apps

Zscaler CASB secures cloud apps with tenancy restrictions, SSPM, UEBA and more. See Zscaler CASB in action and learn how it can solve all of your cloud security use cases.

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Unsecured use of Amazon S3 can open the door for data loss and malware infection.

Zscaler CASB comes complete with granular data loss prevention and advanced threat protection to address these challenges. Watch the demo to see it in action.

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