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La-Z-Boy saves 50% of time spent on tedious operational tasks

Key Highlights

  • Bandwidth cost savings and better performance: Routing internet traffic directly to Zscaler’s security cloud eliminated traffic backhaul and associated expense, while significantly reducing web latency and improving the user experience.
  • Better utilization of IT resources: IT reports a 50% reduction in time spent on tedious operational tasks related to security management due to Zscaler's flexible policy management, greatly simplified reporting and data analysis, and better security, which reduced remediation activity.
  • More efficient allocation of network resources: The ability to analyze traffic by web application types allows La-Z-Boy to allocate web resources more efficiently.
Zscaler Customers


La-Z-Boy's previous solution was a centralized proxy appliance used in tandem with a separate URL filtering product. This solution greatly increased latency because all traffic was backhauled to La-Z-Boy's headquarters. Additionally, chronic misclassification of web content generated a large number of false positives and created an administrative burden.

We cut down on the administrative tasks by more than 50%. It freed up resources to allocate to more strategic products and align with the company’s growth objectives.
Craig Vincent, IT Network Service Manager


Zscaler eliminates the cost of purchasing appliance-based solutions as well as removes the operational expense related to maintenance. Utilizing a cloud-based solution improves visibility into resource usage within the organization and inappropriate leisure browsing activity by users.

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