Société Générale consolidates security across 39 countries, eliminating multiple point solutions

Key Highlights

  • Integrated security: Société Générale’s ALD Automotive Group achieved real-time visibility of their security posture while centralizing policy administration.
  • Massive simplification and a single view: IT was able to eliminate reliance on point appliance products at all sites.
  • Improved user experience: Without any major changes in networking infrastructure, IT received positive feedback from users on the new, low-latency web browsing experience made possible by Zscaler’s global security cloud.
  • Single platform for external and internal threats: ALD Automotive valued highly the ability to deploy both sophisticated malware protection and data loss prevention with ease on the same platform.
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ALD Automotive had grown rapidly to manage over 1 million vehicles in business fleets in 39 countries with 4,800 employees, and along the way had accumulated a hodgepodge of security point products at each site. This inhibited visibility and made provisioning, policy management and maintenance complex, a situation further aggravated by the proliferation of web applications at the company.

Zscaler enables us to effortlessly secure traffic across 39 countries with consolidated, real-time visibility.
Laurent Hallermeier, Chief Information Officer


Zscaler’s cloud-based web security SaaS platform offered the global reach and integrated functionality required by ALD, with multilayered threat protection and data loss prevention providing comprehensive security and centralized management.

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