Mission: Possible

Accept nothing less than zero trust security

Why zero trust security?

10 years ago the zero trust model was created as a way to improve application security. It seemed straight forward, ensure access to apps is always secure, that it’s based on least privilege and have visibility into all user activity. But network-centric technologies of the past made achieving zero trust security impossible, placing users on net, allowing access prior to authorization and limiting visibility to IP addresses and ports, not users. For a time the model struggled to find a foothold within IT. Until now.

Zero Trust, from theory to practice

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) technology secures access to private apps without ever placing users on the network

App segmentation replaces network segmentation
Apps are never exposed to the internet
Encrypted TLS-tunnels become the new network
User experience is seamless from any device

As your company looks to embrace mobility and transform to the cloud, it’s up to you to ensure that apps are accessed securely. You’ll need to find a way to achieve zero trust security.

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