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M&A and divestitures are often too slow for the business

M&As are challenging for the IT admins responsible for ensuring user connectivity to internal apps and the security of sensitive data. Activities of responsibility may include converging disparate networks, managing network address translation to deal with overlapping IP addresses, and creating consistent security standards. However, this is easier said than done, leaving 61 percent of enterprises concerned about weak security practices of external users from acquired companies.

Divestitures can prove to be even more difficult. Users often require access to a subset of internal apps even after a divestiture takes place. Risk is introduced as IT admins place users on the network via VPN solutions, making the network vulnerable.

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Simplifying M&A and divestitures while embracing zero trust security

To maximize return on investment from M&A or divestiture activities, IT must be empowered to implement changes quickly. In the old days these processes could take months or even years. Today, modern, cloud-based security services allow IT to work fast, improve the experience for all users and secure access to internal apps.


Before: Converging networks and network address translation added months to the process reducing ROI for the business.

After: Simply deploy software and route users to apps within minutes without converging networks at all.


Before: Lack of security standards across assets and users placed on the network led to unnecessary risk.

After: Standardized security for all assets. Apps are only viewable to authorized users and users are never on the network.

User Experience

Before: No consistent user experience when acquiring or divesting assets. No zero-day protection for all users.

After: Users have consistent access experience regardless of device, app or location.

The right service to accelerate M&A and divestitures

Zscaler Private Access takes a user- and application-centric approach to network security. It ensures that only authorized users and devices can view and access specific internal applications, and no one else. Rather than relying on physical or virtual appliances, ZPA uses lightweight infrastructure-agnostic software to connect both users and applications to the Zscaler Security Cloud, where the brokered connection is stitched together IT. The internet becomes the new corporate network, so converging networks, network segmentation and NATing are no longer required.

cloud architecture diagram of zpa's zero trust, it provides a SDP that works across any IT environments, any device and any internal apps

1.  ZPA Public Service Edge

  • Hosted in cloud
  • Used for authentication
  • Customizable by admins
  • Brokers a secure connection between a Client Connector
    and App Connector

2.  Zscaler Client Connector (formerly Zscaler App/Z App)

  • Mobile client installed on devices
  • Requests access to an app
3.  App Connector
      • Sits in front of apps in the data center, Azure, AWS, and other public cloud services
      • Provides inside-out TLS 1.2 connections to broker
      • Makes apps invisible to prevent DDoS attacks

      Top benefits of ZPA for M&A and divestitures

      icon showing benefits of zpa for m&a and divestitures reduce complexity
      icon showing benefits of zpa for m&a and divestitures gain zero trust security
      icon showing benefits of zpa for m&a and divestitures improve user experience
      icon showing benefits of zpa for m&a and divestitures standardize across all assets
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