Zscaler cloud-based web security offers better protection than any box in any data center. Anywhere!

Zscaler inspects every byte of data, including SSL, for protection against hidden malware, botnets, and advanced threats. It's cloud-based web security that won't impact performance.

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Zscaler web content filtering and advanced threat protection

Web security for every user, device, and location

Zscaler Web Security provides unmatched security, visibility, and control. Delivered in the cloud, Zscaler includes all the essential protections you would expect, such as URL filtering and firewall protection, as well as award-winning web security. It’s all integrated with the robust Zscaler cloud security platform that features advanced threat protection, real-time analytics, and forensics. You get protection for all of your users, no matter what devices they are using or where in the world they are connecting.

What people say about Zscaler

The solution covers all the basics in threat detection, URL filtering, and application control, but also provides advanced malware analysis features such as sandboxing and emulation. Customers had only good things to say about the service.
Rick Holland, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Forrester Logo

Security at scale — John Graham, CISO, Jabil

John Graham, CISO, Jabil, on security at scale with Zscaler

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Advanced web security for the modern world

In the old days, you protected servers in the data center. But now, you must protect people, cloud applications, and a range of Internet-connected devices.

Zscaler provides 100% cloud-delivered web security

Zscaler puts a perimeter around the internet, ensuring that nothing bad gets in and nothing good gets out.

Zscaler url filtering and advanced threat protection

Zscaler’s multi-layered defense blocks threats in real time, eliminating the need for multiple-point solutions.

Zscaler cloud-based, real-time threat protection

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Stop threats, malware, and zero-day attacks before they get into your organization

Zscaler is always inline and inspects every byte of your Internet traffic, bi-directionally, including SSL-encrypted traffic. More than a dozen security techniques, including threat intelligence, botnet detection, and cloud sandboxing, protect you from a wide range of attacks and advanced threats.

Zscaler cloud-based web filtering‎ and sandboxing

  • Secure all of your web traffic across users, devices, and locations
  • Keep your employees safe from malicious or compromised Internet sites
  • Identify infected devices, automatically disable malware, and block data exfiltration attempts
  • Eliminate the “alert storms” generated by security appliances; Zscaler blocks threats in real time
  • Extend your security capabilities with built-in firewall and cloud-based sandboxing

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Enjoy real-time global visibility from a single administrative view

Every request from every user, location, and device around the world is available in seconds in our web-based reporting and analytical tools or in your own SIEM.

  • Answer executive and board level questions like “How secure are we?” and “How do we compare to our peers?”
  • Understand how your network is being used to ensure productive use of business-critical cloud applications like Office 365 and
  • Identify unsupported cloud applications that your employees are using (Shadow IT)
  • Analyze users who might be causing a security vulnerability or exposing you to liability, or those who are using the most bandwidth
  • Mine your logs to support investigations, regulatory audits, and internal inquiries

Zscaler brings reporting visibility from anywhere in a single admin view

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Keep your employees safe, productive, and happy

Zscaler’s high-speed cloud-scale infrastructure delivers web security with ultra-low latency — so your employees have a safer and more enjoyable Internet experience.

  • Provide your employees with a fast, safe Internet experience
  • Respect employee privacy by exempting private Internet sites (such as banking and healthcare) from inspection
  • Eliminate slow VPNs, Internet blockers, and expensive/slow backhauling
  • Show your users how you are protecting them with clear, easy to understand notification pages

Zscaler web security keeps your employees safe and productive

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Save up to 80% vs. web security appliances and eliminate backhauling

Because Zscaler is cloud-based, you can save up to 80% of the cost of deploying and managing on-premises web security appliances. And if you are backhauling your web traffic for security inspection, your MPLS costs may be reduced by up to 90%.

Cost effective web security solution from Zscaler

  • Eliminate capital expenditures on security hardware and software — only pay for the employees you protect
  • Stop wasting time patching your security infrastructure — Zscaler applies more than 100,000 security updates for you every day
  • Reduce your bandwidth costs by up to 90% by eliminating traffic backhaul
  • Decrease spending on re-imaging infected computers — because you will have far fewer of them

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Industry experts agree that Zscaler is a leader in web security

Zscaler, a leader in Gartner magic quadrant for secure web gateways, for six consecutive years

Seven consecutive years: Zscaler is named a leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

Zscaler is, once again, in the Gartner Leaders Quadrant with the furthest position for Completeness of Vision.

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The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Zscaler Best Cloud Computing Security

The SC Awards’ Winner (2016) — Best Cloud Computing Security

Zscaler Cloud Firewall won the Best Cloud Computing Security Solution award by SC Magazine.

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Zscaler, a leader in the Forrester Wave for web content security

Get on board! Zscaler a leader in the Forrester Wave

Forrester recognizes Zscaler with highest score among all vendors in the current offering, strategy and market presence categories.

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Zscaler’s integrated security functions work together in real time, providing comprehensive protection

Block threats in real time, reduce malware infections and enforce compliance.




All security engines fire with
each content scan – only
microsecond delay


Each outbound/inbound
byte scanned, native SSL


Risk of each object
computed inline,


50:1 compression,
real-time global log


Polices follow the user
for same on-premise, off-premise protection

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