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Simplify and Automate Compliance For Cloud Configurations, Access, and Data

Comply with internal and external regulations with Workload Posture.

Challenges in achieving and maintaining continuous compliance

Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance is a must for most organizations; however, the ever-expanding use of the cloud makes meeting industry-standard regulations difficult, complex, and time-consuming.

Manual risk and security audits are tedious and ineffective. Moreover, with compliance requirements frequently updated, most organizations do not have the resources to ensure that they're meeting the most up-to-date standards.

Workload Posture

Continuous compliance assurance

Workload Posture helps adhere to ever-changing compliance requirements and laws by improving visibility into violations and fast-tracking remediation across your entire public cloud footprint.

Zscaler ensures that configurations of all cloud applications follow industry and organizational best practices, including ongoing, automated, and guided remediations across your entire public cloud infrastructure.

Workload Posture

What can Workload Posture do for you?

Visualize compliance posture

Visualize compliance posture – A dedicated dashboard to manage and enforce compliance across multi-cloud environments provides a dynamic view into compliance status, configuration drifts, and policy violations.

Automate compliance standards

Automate compliance standards – Enforce compliance with a prebuilt framework of 16 standards and any custom framework covering multiple industry standards, regulations and best practices mapped to relevant controls with various cloud services to assess gaps and remediate them automatically.

Ensure secure and compliant deployments

Ensure secure and compliant deployments – Integrate security and compliance checks at any stage of development to maintain the pace of DevOps without introducing threats into production environments.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting – Comprehensive compliance data, analytics, and reporting for technical compliance audits. Drill down compliance issues to prioritize remediation and track progress for different stakeholders, including executives, risk managers, and auditors.

Operational excellence and team collaboration

Operational excellence and team collaboration – Workload Posture supports compliance integrations with CI/CD pipelines, ticketing systems, and private benchmarks. Improve collaboration between InfoSec, SOC, and application development (AppDev) teams responsible for implementing and maintaining security and compliance.

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