Remote users deserve a better experience than Pulse VPN.

There’s a new approach to remote access.

When’s the last time someone said they liked VPN?

Users are frustrated with slow access and dropped connections

Users are tired of repetitive logins and authentications

Users are fed up with having to think about when to use VPN

It’s time to give remote users a better experience.

A great user experience begins with a modern architecture

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a term used by Gartner to describe a new set of technology that secures access to private apps without ever placing users on the network. Our ZTNA service, Zscaler Private Access (ZPA), serves as the perfect alternative to VPN. Delivering a fast, seamless experience for users without the pitfalls of Pulse VPN.

Old world of VPN


Old world of VPN
  • Traffic is backhauled to the data center making access painfully slow for the user.

  • Application access requires network access.

  • Network and VPCs are exposed to the internet, subjecting them to DDoS attacks.

  • Users have overprivileged network access, leading to complex segmentation to reduce east-west movement.

New world with ZPA

User and App-centric

New world with ZPA
  • Direct-to-app connections make access fast for the user.

  • Remote users receive application access without gaining network access, reducing risk.

  • With inside-out connections, apps are kept invisible and never exposed to the internet.

  • App-to-user connections provide application segmentation, not network segmentation.

Witness the difference between ZPA and Pulse VPN

Hear from IT leaders who said bye to VPN

Casey Lee, Director of IT Security at National Oilwell & Varco, a Fortune 500 company

Tony Ferguson, IT Infrastructure Architect at MAN Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group

Say goodbye to Pulse Secure VPN!

Get paired with a Zscaler expert to help build your ZTNA strategy


“I remember I was sitting at home when WannaCry hit. If I was using my VPN at the time I would have been at risk of infection. However, with ZPA I was safer at home on my home network, than I would have been at the office.”

Tony Furguson, IT Infrastructure architect


“For VPN replacement, or if you have a lot of remote workstations, ZPA is the perfect solution for that. It’s simple, it’s easy to manage, and it just works.”

Steve Bonek, Information Security manager


“The inside-out capability that ZPA provides makes it seamless for the end-user. That capability reduces the amount of work they have to do to get connected to something inside our environment, without actually being inside our environment.”

Chris Wolski, Head of information security & data protection


“ZPA saved us the cost of implementing WAF, getting some form of DDoS in place, and other security components that we have to be worried about.”

Casey Lee, Director of IT