Appliances protecting your data center are leaving users—and your network—exposed. How exposed are you?

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Close the security appliance gap with cloud-delivered advanced threat protection

Hackers have shifted their attacks to your network’s weakest link: the user. They exploit the shortcomings of appliances by infecting your users when they visit trusted sites on the Internet. Hackers often attempt to hide attacks behind SSL-encrypted or CDN-delivered traffic.

To immediately close this gap, you can add Zscaler as a layer of security and compliance between your existing infrastructure and the Internet. It’s simple—make Zscaler your next hop to the Internet. There’s no hardware, software, or headaches. Read how Zscaler can disrupt the cyber kill chain.

98% of decision-makers said that integrated security platforms would be effective in improving their security posture and reducing overall costs.
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Hackers easily exploit the shortcomings of security appliances

Hackers are using some of the world’s most trafficked websites to spread malware and, as a result, they’re totally undermining the concept of trusted sites.

In this diagram, a user visits a trusted website that has been compromised. Existing security controls won’t detect the malware, because it’s housed in a trusted domain, it uses allowed ports, and there are no signature matches.

Zscaler diagram showing internet gateway and how hackers use trusted sites to spread malware

Which do you prioritize—level of inspection, budget, or user experience?

Every hardware appliance is limited in terms of capacity and functionality by the amount of processing power you can squeeze into a box. The deeper the level of inspection, the more boxes you need-and more boxes result in a slower user experience. This forces compromises in terms of what gets inspected and the depth of inspection.

Most enterprises sacrifice SSL inspection since it can require up to 8x the number of security appliances and they often let traffic from content delivery networks (CDNs) go uninspected since they’re a pay-to-play service.

If you know these threats are real, but think they probably don’t apply to you, find out for sure. A simple two-minute test using the Zscaler Security Preview will give you picture of how secure you really are.

Zscaler Threatlabz — SSL and advanced threats research
40% of Internet traffic crosses CDNs and goes uninspected — Zscaler APT statistics

Zscaler—inspecting every byte of traffic, always inline with real-time threat correlation

Zscaler, in developing its cloud-based architecture, broke down all the functional components of a standalone proxy and re-imagined them—creating a distributed service that forms a single virtual proxy extending across more than 100 data centers. The Zscaler proxy-based architecture delivers superior protection over other types of security controls, because the entire file is downloaded, assembled, uncompressed, and scanned for malicious content before it reaches the end user or calls out to a command and control (C&C) server. All inspection is done at wire-rate performance with only microsecond latency.

Zscaler's unified policy is always secure, inline and provides real-time threat correlation

Benefiting from the power of cloud-computing, the Zscaler platform is always inline, inspecting every byte of traffic, and performing real-time threat correlation using multiple techniques. The massive scale of the global network provides unique insight into advanced and zero-day threats as they emerge.

Zscaler’s advanced threat protection delivers unique benefits

  • Full inline inspection of all inbound and outbound traffic, including SSL, detects hidden iFrames, cross-site scripts, signs of phishing attempts, cookie stealing, and botnet communications to command and control (C&C) servers.
  • Real-time threat correlation uses intelligence from a dozen threat prevention techniques to stop known threats, prevent zero-day attacks, and predict new attacks using machine learning and behavioral analysis.
  • Improved protection through cloud intelligence that comes from processing more than 30 billion requests per day across 100 data centers around the world. This volume gives us unique insight that helps us protect all users, because each time a new threat is detected by any one of our customers, it’s immediately blocked for everyone.
  • The most up-to-the-second security as a result of collaboration with 40 partner security feeds from Microsoft, Cyber Threat Alliance, Google, and private working groups, which supplements the intelligence we gain from mining billions of web transactions. All of this adds up to more than 100,000 security updates a day.
  • Unified policies and enforcement let you define business policies once, then those policies follow the user regardless of the device or location. Any policy change is immediately enforced worldwide on the very next web GET request.

People were oblivious to the addition of the extra layer of security. As soon as we deployed Zscaler, five viruses were prevented immediately and saved us 20 hours of work.
Paul Fitzsimmons, Senior Manager of IT Systems

Getting started is simple

With Zscaler, there is no hardware or software to deploy or manage. By making Zscaler your next hop to the Internet after it traverses your current security infrastructure, you’ll immediately enjoy increased security and compliance. Almost all Zscaler customers get started this way to improve security—and many are using it as the first step in becoming a cloud and mobile-first enterprise.

Path to securing a cloud and mobile-first enterprise

Zscaler's path to securing a cloud and mobile-first enterprise
Zscaler's path to securing a cloud and mobile-first enterprise
Zscaler's path to securing a cloud and mobile-first enterprise

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