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Zscaler delivers fast internet access and
SD-WAN security for your branch offices.

SD-WAN makes local breakouts easy.
Zscaler makes them secure.

Zscaler Internet Access and secure SD-WAN solutions

Reduce costs and complexity

Before: Hub-and-spoke architectures cannot deliver the fast user experience required for the growing use of cloud apps.Cloud apps demand direct-to-internet connections. But, providing SD-WAN security with appliances is expensive.

After: Zscaler and SD-WAN solutions enable secure local internet breakouts without the cost and complexity of traditional network and security appliances.

Simplify IT operations

Before: Deploying and managing security appliances or VNFs at each of your branches is costly and time consuming. Plus, network security appliances weren’t built to meet the demands of modern cloud apps.

After: Zscaler and SD-WAN simplify branch office operations by delivering security as a cloud service and using software-defined policies to route traffic.

Security and scale

Before: You can’t afford to recreate your security stack at every branch office. Cost and complexity force companies to sacrifice security by deploying only URL filtering or bypassing SSL inspection, which leaves branches vulnerable.

After: Zscaler provides identical protection for users wherever they connect.

SD-WAN simplifies branch office operations and efficiently connects your branches to the internet. This makes establishing local breakouts easy. But those connections still need to be secured. That’s why you need Zscaler Internet Access. We deliver the entire security stack as a cloud security service to secure SD-WAN and your direct-to-internet connections.

Zscaler secures the best in SD-WAN Solutions

Together with our SD-WAN partners, Zscaler makes it easy to migrate from hub-and-spoke to a cloud-enabled architecture by enabling secure local internet breakouts for your branch offices. Zscaler partners with the world’s leading SD-WAN providers to help our customers reduce the cost and complexity of routing traffic locally and securely, simplify branch operations, and scale to meet their unique business needs.

Northgate Market

“We liked the integration between Zscaler and VeloCloud...Zscaler was a perfect solution given our business strategy.”

- Harrison Lewis, CIO, Northgate Gonzalez


“We knew that moving to the cloud would bring a host of benefits, but the cost benefit was even larger than we initially anticipated.”

- Henry Ku, Senior Director of IT Infrastructure, Ciena

Nuffield Health Logo

“We came across Zscaler and it ticked all the boxes for us in terms of being cloud-first rather than trying to take on-prem firewalls and put them in the cloud.”

- Dan Morgan, IT Operations Director


“Without the use of Zscaler cybersecurity, we would not have the success that we have today with SD-WAN technology.”

- Randy Taylor, Global Network Manager

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